LMSOFT Web Creator Pro

LMSOFT Web Creator Pro
LMSOFT Web Creator Pro has been founded in 1984, which has focused on making multimedia and the internet accessible to everybody. You can create website without prior design and programming skills.  This is the unique technology. You will get the latest web tools in an all visual editor like HTML 5, tabs, accordions, Paypal, Social Networks. Output for tablets and smartphones. You can also get the free trail version. This solution help to build your own website like professional with faster, efficient, and easy.

Best Features:
You will promote your professional image with a Pro website.
The power of the latest web technologies at your fingertips.
You can find the simple interface and tools, no programming required.
Complete creative freedom, no hosting restrictions.

Showcase your brand professionally
• High quality graphics: transparency, shadows, JQuery
• Stay on top of emerging online trends: smartphone and tablet, PayPal, social networks, forms, etc.

Build a professional site in 30 minutes
• Create a host of high end graphic designs
• Add content, special effects, forms, Google apps, PayPal, social networking...
• Integrated upload, video conversion and SEO tools

Empower yourself for complete creative freedom
• Single handedly create a quality web site and take total control of how it evolves, cutting costs on development AND updates.
• Be independant of external resources, and make all updates yourself, when you want and need them.
• Don't get locked into a hosting service. Break free and host your site anywhere you want.

Home Page - www.lmsoft.com

Size: 77.55 MB

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