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DU Meter 7.15 Build 4757

DU MeterDU Meter lets you see how much of your full bandwidth potential is actually utilized at any given point, either by displaying a real-time graph, numerical display, or both. It works with Dial-Up, DSL, DSL, Cable Modem, and Ethernet cards.

DU Meter can be configured to fit neatly in the blank space on your browser toolbar. Furthermore, it uses only a very small amount of Windows resources. The installation involves no changes to your Windows system files.

DU Meter also includes full logging and reporting capabilities with export to many different file formats. Including Excel and HTML. It also has an auto hide feature, monitoring of online hours with alerts, a fully customizable interface, and a great stopwatch which helps you to accurately time your downloads.

In addition, DU Meter also includes an extensive reporting facility, a flexible notifications and events system, and more.

  • Keep an eye on your Internet connection: see data coming in or going out.
  • Protect yourself from unexpected charges or Internet service disruption.
  • Receive alerts about dangerous or unexpected network activity.
  • Easy to use – works automatically with no user input required.
  • Uses very little resources.

DU Meter can create detailed reports of the total network traffic volume on your computer. It can alert you if certain limits are surpassed. If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a business, DU Meter can be especially useful for you to you too.

Other DU Meter highlights:

  • Provides clear graphical and/or numerical display
  • Reporting facility with export to many different file formats, including HTML, Excel, PDF and others
  • Permits close supervision of uploads and downloads
  • Compatible with all network interfaces: Dial-Up, Cable, ADSL, Ethernet, and others
  • Requires minimal screen real estate and system resources
  • Involves no changes to your Windows system files
  • Auto-hide feature minimizes the meter to the system tray in the absence of network activity
  • Option to notify user or disconnect from the Internet automatically when network activity drops below a certain level
  • Useful stopwatch to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rates

Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)

Most important new features in DU Meter 7.0:

  • Simultaneous monitoring of Internet and LAN traffic. You can now seamlessly switch from seeing only Internet network traffic to LAN and vice versa with just one mouse click.
  • DU Meter now sports per-application traffic monitoring! Switch to the new per-application traffic monitoring tab in DU Meter and instantly see what’s going on.
  • Network Connections now shows accumulated per-connection and per-application traffic totals, while discriminating between Internet and LAN network traffic (DU Meter exclusive!).
  • Wi-Fi signal monitoring is now available! See if improving your Wi-Fi reception can in fact improve your Internet experience.
  • Much improved DU Meter main window. Tabs to easily switch between new traffic monitoring modes. New color scheme for better blend with Windows 8 and Windows 10, new Metro look, snap-to-screen-edges borders, and more.
  • Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users. Now fully supports Windows high-contrast mode, and fonts and font sizes can be changed in Options.
  • Updated Security (SSL) and Database (SQLite) components. That improve compatibility and security.
  • Many issues fixed in translations. All translations have been updated. And added two new languages: Chinese and Hungarian.
  • Full Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support.
  • Fixed many, many issues.

Homepage – http://www.dumeter.com

Size: 6.62 MB

Download DU Meter 7.15 Build 4757 › NitroFlare

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