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LimeWire Music 4.0.2 FREE

LimeWireLimewire Music 4 is the ideal tool to search for and download your favourite music extremely fast. While this file sharing software can be easily used by anyone to download any type of media file including movies, games, apps and documents, its true métier is finding those rare audio files which almost seem impossible to find.

Behind the app there is DRM-free technology which means the absence of filters to limit your downloads and also optimized speeds to connect you to millions of other filesharers and increase the chance of finding and downloading any individual song faster and with greater precision. The app runs discreetly in system tray and offers configurable settings to allow the user to customize his or her software.

When downloading files using Limewire Music, you can also listen to music due to the integration of a media player.

You can let LimeWire Music scan your hard drive for media files and import them to share with other users online. So, you can select the search type (audio, video, images, documents, programs, all), input the file name and initiate the scanning process. In the list of results you can view the quality, format, type, size, speed and bit rate of each file. Simply open the context menu to download a particular file.

LimeWire Music 4 Highlight Features:

  • Smart, nice-looking interface with multiple search tabs.
  • User-friendly User-friendly installing, running, and searching abilities.
  • Advanced searching options (by artist, title, genre and other metainfo).
  • “Swarm” downloads from multiple hosts for fast downloads.
  • Includes Bittorent support.
  • Includes built-in chat.
  • Includes media player.
  • Dynamic querying.
  • Browse host feature.

Homepage – http://www.pronetsharing.com

Size: 6.08 MB

Download LimeWire Music 4 Free

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