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VuzeVuze (formerly Azureus) is a Java based BitTorrent client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. It also features an embedded tracker that is easily set up and ready to use.

Vuze connects to the BitTorrent network. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol designed to transfer files. Users connect directly to send and receive portions of a file, while a central tracker coordinates the action of all peers and manages connections without knowledge of the contents of the files being distributed. With BitTorrent, users upload at the same time they download, so network bandwidth is managed as efficiently as possible.

BitTorrent is designed to work better than other file transfer protocols as the number of people interested in a certain file increases. Vuze supports for 27 languages.

Features of Vuze:

  • Multiple torrent downloads
  • Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent
  • Advanced seeding rules
  • Adjustable disk cache
  • Only uses one port for all the torrents
  • UPnP sets the forward on your router
  • Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications
  • Fast resume
  • Can set a default download dir and move completed files
  • Can import torrents automatically from a set dir
  • Highly customizable interface
  • IRC plugin included for quick help
  • Embedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)…
  • Distributed Hash Table: host on it a completely decentralised torrent and/or benefit from it when the tracker is offline.
  • Play back your PC hard drive content on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, and TiVo.
  • Vuze can play virtually any type of video file on full screen HD (720p or 1080p) – AVI, XVID, Quicktime, and more.
  • Vuze is giving wings to your collection of HD video. Watch them on all your screens – PC, Mobile, and TV.

Many useful plugins are available:

  • Auto-adjustment of your upload and download speeds according to your network charge with Autospeed
  • Auto-download torrents with RSS Feed Scanner
  • Schedule upload and download speed limits with Speed Scheduler
  • Receive a mail when a download finishes with Status Mailer
  • Add numerous info on torrents (Extra seeding columns, Country Locator)
  • Remote control Azureus through the Swing Web Interface or the HTML Web Interface

Changes in Vuze [2016]:

New Features:

  • FEATURE: UI | Option to filter by hash in torrent views via ‘t:’ prefix [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Subscriptions can now be looked up from torrent options dialog [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Option to manually enable/disable subscriptions [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Search box now supports history [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Download history view [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Inform when previously downloaded torrent re-added [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Country flags now shown in Vivaldi view [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Subscriptions can now be grouped in the sidebar [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Added search template menus to search area [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Added a ‘force deselect’ option to templates [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Unviewed notifications are now highlighted [Parg]
  • FEATURE: UI | Added filter to Tags Overview [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Plugin Bar/Quick Config now has option to enforce time limited rate limits [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added last-active tag constraint [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added ‘find more like…’ feature [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added seed_count, peer_count and seed_peer_ratio to tag constraints [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Option to exclude protocol overhead from rate limits [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added scope to Tag constraints to control when they are applied [Parg]
  • FEATURE: Core | Added resume_in Tag constraint [Parg]


  • CHANGE: UI | Subscription lookup dialog improvements [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Active tag now visible for all modes [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Explicit chat dialog pop-outs now always pop-out [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
  • CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
  • CHANGE: UI | Updated share-ratio-progress column to show eta for next ratio to be met [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Added Java install location to About window [Parg]
  • CHANGE: UI | Fixed naming of tracker-based Tags [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Ignore ‘force start’ downloads when applying share-ratio based stop actions [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Ignore the ‘move only in default dir’ setting for tag based move-on-complete when overall ‘move on complete’
    isn’t enabled as this is confusing [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Processing time now excluded from RTT calculations [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Pick up download state related tag constraint updates quicker [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Switch to Java 1.6 bytecode [Parg]
  • CHANGE: Core | Newer SWT requires J8. Pick swt jar based on Java version and 64/32 bit. Upgrade swt.jar being used if older than one in “swt/”. Min Java in 1.6 [TuxPaper]


  • BUGFIX: UI | General view wasn’t picking up data source changes [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Fixed some subscription table sorting errors [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Prefix not being layed out correctly in date based columns [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Fixed logic to launch websites in browser by default [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Wrong default path was being used for move to location [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | Brought back toolbar item tooltips [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: UI | QR code area in Remote Pairing window not big enough to show full QR code on clean Windows 2008 machine [TuxPaper]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fixed occasional subscription download failures [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Reduce CPU usage caused by misbehaving network interfaces [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Delete subscription wasn’t actually deleting them [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Handle null network interfaces [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Don’t auto-download results that have already been marked as read [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fix tags not being applied on restore-from-archive [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Rate limit table refreshes to reduce CPU [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Backup updated to ignore a few troublesome locked files [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fix interaction between file priority and first/last piece priority [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fixed of downloads leaving paused ones in semi-paused state [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Tag tracker properties were not consistently matching [Parg]
  • BUGFIX: Core | Fixed incorrect chat dialog reference counting [Parg]


Size: 12.3 MB

Download Vuze for Windows 32-bit

Download Vuze for Windows 64-bit

Download Vuze for Linux

Download Vuze for MacOS

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