Photomatix Pro 6.0.2 for Windows/ Mac

Photomatix ProPhotomatix Pro is a software to create stunning photographs of high contrast scenes. It is a program that will extend the dynamic range of digital photographs or scanned films. If you have ever shot a high contrast scene, you probably know the problem blown out highlights and loss of contrast in shadows.

Photomatix has all the features you need for producing HDR images, whether you are looking for a very natural look or the more extreme styles. The workflow is logical and easy to follow especially using the Lightroom integration. It’s easy to use and gives you simple controls for getting the awesome color effects you see in all those great HDR’s, without having to open up Photoshop and knowing how to tone map by hand.

The Photomatix details enhancer does a better job of rendering shadow detail than the comparable local adaptation algorithm in Photoshop, and produces images with a distinctive ethereal appearance. Photomatix offers two ways to solve this problem: “Exposure Blending” and “Tone Mapping”.

If you have ever photographed a high contrast scene, you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. The solution is High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography processing:

  • Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels
  • Merge the photos into an HDR image that reveals highlight and shadow details
  • Adjust the settings to get the look you want: from natural-looking with Exposure Fusion to painterly or surreal with Tone Mapping

Benefits for professional photographers:

  • Saving on lighting equipment. No need to acquire expensive lighting equipment -and carry it- when you shoot high contrast scenes. Just enable the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature of your camera, and let Photomatix merge your photos into an image with extended dynamic range.
  • Great pictures on cloudy days. Shadowless hazy sunlight or an overcast sky usually results in dull-looking photographs. The tone mapping tool of Photomatix can turn them into great-looking images. Check out this image as an example.
  • Saving time in post-processing. Photomatix Pro is designed for productivity — automatic blending, unlimited stacking, easy comparison of results and batch processing save hours of masking and layers work in image editing programs.
  • Well exposed panoramas. A panoramic scene is almost always a high contrast scene — you can’t limit your view to areas with the same brightness when shooting a 360° panorama. By taking views under several exposures and processing them in Photomatix Pro, you can create a panorama that will show details in both the dark and bright areas of the scene. Photomatix Pro offers both exposure fusion (also known as exposure blending) and HDR tone mapping.

Main updates in Photomatix Pro 6.0:

  • New HDR rendering method called Tone Balancer, which is good for realistic-looking results. It is well suited to real estate photographers and natural style landscape photographers who want more realistic style options.
  • A new color adjustment tool, built right into the HDR Rendering panel, allows to change the hue, saturation and brightness of individual colors in your image, which is particularly useful for fixing color casts.
  • A Brush Tool allowing to make adjustments to just part of the image, by selecting the changes to color or brightness, and painting over the area to adjust. The brush can also be used to blend areas with one of the source photos and select multiple effects for different parts of the image, and includes a “Detect Edges” option.
  • For a more realistic look, the HDR rendered image can ben blended with one of the original photos. The Opacity setting allows to get a larger or smaller influence on the end result.
  • A Straightening Tool correct the horizon in the image if it’s not level, or when vertical things like walls or buildings don’t look vertical. The tool is part of the Finishing Touch palette.
  • A more intuitive workflow makes it easier to load and choose images and proceed through to editing, whether working with a single image, or a bracketed set of photos.

Other updates in version 6.0:

  • Support of Raw files from the Canon 5D MK IV, Sony A99 MK II and Panasonic GH5 camera models.
  • Preview image, settings and presets list are now combined into a single window by default. You can revert to using separate windows by selecting “Floating Windows” in Preferences.
  • Added option to resize images when saving.
  • Added Luminance setting to Contrast Optimizer rendering method.
  • Added Split View option in Adjust & Preview window to show original and rendered image side by side.
  • Improved the Crop Tool and added presets for common aspect ratios. The Crop Tool is now part of the Finishing Touch window.
  • Preview image is now sized to fit the screen when it first opens, rather than having the size used in the previous session. You can revert to the old behavior in the Preferences.
  • Updated Raw conversion to give better better looking results for fusion.
  • Added lens corrections when converting Raw files taken with a lens that Photomatix recognizes.
  • Bug fixed: Application would not run on systems that did not have msvcr90.dll installed.
  • Bug fixed: Preset thumbnails were sometimes incorrectly displayed when scrolling through them.
  • Bug fixed: Rare crashes with some multiple monitor configurations on 64-bit systems.
  • Bug fixed: Memory used to generate preset thumbnails was not released correctly.


Size: 31.47 MB

Download HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 6.0.2 for Windows

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Download HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 6.0.2 for Mac OS X

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