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StartIsBack++ 2.5.1 / StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

StartIsBack is a small application which returns Windows 8.1, 10 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7. It radically improves desktop usability and makes new Start screen clutter-free. The app is fully native lightweight zero-privileges program, cheap and fair, fast, stable and secure. StartIsBack goes directly to desktop every time without flashing start screen even for a millisecond. StartIsBack restores original Windows 7 start menu with all its features. Search, drag and drop, pinned and recently used applications, and fully customizable settings.
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Stardock WindowFX 6.03

Stardock WindowFX
Stardock WindowFX 6 lets you revolutionize your operating system and utilize an unprecedented number of special effects for your windows and maximize your computing experience. Stardock WindowFX allows you to add an unprecedented number of special effects to Windows and takes advantage of your video card to provide the effects without losing down your computer. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, it can do some amazing things ranging from adding real alpha blended shadows under windows to having semi-transparent menus.
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Stardock Start8 1.56 Final

Stardock Start8
Stardock Start8 lets you return the Start Button to Windows 8. This operating system of Microsoft is shipped without the “Start” menu. Start8 brings back Windows 7-style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements. Also you can view and launch installed applications (including Modern apps), All Programs menu. Start8 includes support for “jump lists”/recent documents for recently accessed programs (Devices, Documents, Music, Videos, Photos, Computer, and more). Pin favorite desktop and Metro apps shortcuts directly to the start menu for easy access. Stardock Start8 adds searchable Windows 8-style (Modern UI) Start menu options for Windows desktop applications, Modern applications, and documents. ...
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