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Cyberfox 49.0 (Fast Secure Browser)

CyberfoxCyberfox 49 is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser, powered by the popular Mozilla Firefox open source code. This is designed by 8pecxstudios, taking over where Mozilla left off, working to make a fast, stable and reliable web browser accessible to all. It comes with many customizable options allowing you to personalize and secure your web browsing experience.

This browser ships with 2 main versions of Cyberfox one optimized for Intel based CPU’s and one optimized for AMD based CPU’s in an array of formats. The optimized Cyberfox lets you view web pages way faster, using tabbed browsing, the ability to block pop-up windows and less of your computer’s memory.

Choose your user interface, choose between Australis or Classic style, with many customizable features to change how you see the web!

The browser also allows you to synchronize your browsing across multiple devices. Access your bookmarks, history, passwords and more from any device to make this browser your own wherever you use it.

Current Features:

  • Optimized for Intel CPU or AMD CPU based architectures
  • Uses own profile system
  • Compatible with Firefox extensions
  • Removed features (Telemetry, Health-report, Sponsored tiles and other components that collected information)
  • Many new features built in.
  • Choice between Australis or Classic style.
  • Powered by Mozilla firefox source code

Cyberfox also comes in portable format, So you can take cyberfox anywhere you go with all your favourite addons and settings.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Release Notes for bug fixes and current issues with Firefox 49.0 source:

Changes in Firefox 49.0:

Changes in Cyberfox 49.0:

  • Fixed: Rework official about Cyberfox dialogue window styling.
  • Fixed: Fixed buildconfig.html template. [MDC]
  • Fixed: Build failure with appversion flag in chrome.manifest for system addons.
  • Fixed: Use browser selector over specific link macro.
  • Fixed: Search tab styling in preference window. [MDC]
  • Fixed: Only animate preference window on windows.
  • Added: Back help link for the advanced preference window options.
  • Updated: Preferences css in-line with recent changes.
  • Adjusted: Battery API
  • Updated: language patches.
  • Added: Cyberfox beta portable build files.
  • Updated: _Build files.
  • Fixed: Don’t generate webcompat system addon package.
  • Removed: System addon loop settings from preferences.
  • Updated: Bookmarks packaging for language packs.
  • Adjusted: Allow blocking of websites loading images from exceptions dialogue in preferences.
  • Removed: Stage3D compatibility workaround
  • Fixed: Improve and update generated shipped bookmarks.

Cyberfox Installer

  • Fixed: Rework installation of files for visual studios 2015 builds.
  • Adjusted: Adjust for loop removal in 49.0
  • Adjusted: Adjust for sandboxbroker.dll removal in 49.0
  • Adjusted: When installing new visual studios 2015 builds on older installs remove older files
  • Updated: Installer for 48.0.2 inclusion of qipcap*.dll
  • Updated: Installer for 49.0b7 inclusion of qipcap*.dll
  • Fixed: Clean up icu*.dll (Removed 48.0)
  • Fixed: When updating to 49.0 amd version remove vcomp120.dll
  • Fixed: Add vcomp*.dll to 49.0 using a wildcard.
  • Rebuilt: Prepare installer template for release.
  • Removed: Temporary qipcap*.dll
  • Updated: Installer compiler.
  • Removed: Obsolete “WizardImageBackColor” from setup.
  • Added: Missing “StatusClosingApplications” string to Albanian.isl
  • Updated: Hindi.islu file encoding after latest installer compiler update.

Homepage – http://cyberfox.8pecxstudios.com

Size: 44.6 MB

Download Intel Version x86 Installer

Download Intel Version x86 Portable

Download Intel Version x64 Installer

Download Intel Version x64 Portable

Download AMD Version x86 Installer

Download AMD Version x86 Portable

Download AMD Version x64 Installer

Download AMD Version x64 Portable

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