Norton Power Eraser

An aggressive virus removal tool


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Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal ToolNorton Power Eraser is a powerful removal tool that may help you clean up certain types of difficult to remove security risks. If a program has hijacked your computer and you are having difficulty detecting or removing it, Norton Power Eraser may be able to clean your computer.

Norton Power Eraser includes detection and removal capabilities for security risks that impersonate legitimate applications (for example, fake antivirus software), often known as “scareware”, “rogueware” or “scamware”. The tool uses more aggressive techniques than your Norton security product, hence there is a risk that it will flag legitimate programs for removal.

You should carefully review the scan results page before removing any files. You do not need to install Norton Power Eraser.

When the download is complete, just double-click the icon on your desktop, and the tool will start. You will need to accept the End User License Agreement before running a scan.

Click Settings on the main Norton Power Eraser screen to set up a network proxy or adjust log settings. If you choose to delete log history, you cannot undo any previous fix sessions. Click OK or Cancel to return to the main screen.

During every System Scan, Norton Power Eraser creates a log of important system information such as:

  • The operating system present on the computer
  • The installed drivers
  • The processes and the services running on the computer
  • The startup items
  • The browser plug-ins

To see the log, click the View Log link at the bottom of the screen. The log is in XML format, so for best results, you should use an XML viewer. To restore previously removed files, click the “REVIEW” button found on the main Window.

Size: 9.17 MB

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