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Norton Security ScanNorton Security Scan is a software tool designed to help you understand if your computer is currently protected from known threats. Norton Security Scan performs a scan of your computer and displays if there are existing viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware, or Trojans residing on your computer.

This antivirus is used to check how protected your computer is currently. Norton Security Scan attempts to bring down latest definitions each time it launches. This message is displayed when a host system is unable to connect to the Internet to enable Norton Security Scan to obtain the latest virus definitions or when the system date setting is artificially set ahead.

Use this Security Scan to determine if your system has been infected with viruses, malware, spyware, or other threats.

Norton Security Scan does not integrate with the operating system to provide real time protection against viruses and spyware, but instead scans your hard drive for viruses and spyware “on demand”, or at a given point in time. It only removes viruses when they are found during a scan, and does not remove them from the computer at the time of infection. It is the lack of real time protection (and integration between Norton Security Scan and the operating system) that ensures that Norton Security Scan can co-exist with other Norton products.

Newly added – the Cookie Manager that you can use to check for suspicious or dangerous cookies and remove those that raise a concern.

Malicious websites or programs might place cookies on your computer to track your computing activities. These cookies are dangerous and can report your activities to a third party that can cause potential security risks. This software helps you resolve such harmful cookies.

You can manage these cookies using the MANAGE COOKIES option. The Cookie Manager window displays the high risk or suspected cookies that are detected on your computer and their details such as the level of the risk, the website from which the cookie originated, and the recommended action. You can remove these cookies using Norton Security Scan.

After the scan is complete, if Norton Security Scan detected any cookies on your computer, under Cookies, click MANAGE COOKIES. Select the cookies that you want to remove, and then click REMOVE SELECTED or click REMOVE ALL to remove all the cookies.

Norton Security Scan Features:

  • Built by Norton, the global leader in security software.
  • Runs in the background – won’t interrupt your work or play.
  • Won’t swallow up memory and hard disk space.
  • Fast, easy, accurate, and best of all FREE.

License: Freeware


Size: 775 KB


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