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WinPatrol WAR DOWNLOAD with Serial KeyWinPatrol WAR (formerly WinAntiRansom) protects against all forms of Ransomware, Trojans, Worms, Rats, Info Stealers, Keyloggers, Backdoors, and more. It helps to keep your photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs safe and secure. Don’t let Ransomware steal your memories!

WinPatrol WAR with multi-layered defense protects your computer and your valuable data from Ransomware attacks. At the core of WinPatrol WAR is our powerful artificial intelligence engine that detects and blocks Ransomware better than any other product on the market.

You can use the program in two modes. “Smart Recognition” uses our definitions in determining which programs should automatically be allowed or blocked. “Easy Mode” empowers you to set all four features. PreEmptive Strike, SafeZone, Network lockdown and Protected Registry for any program with a single click.

Using WinPatrol WAR in this manner greatly simplifies configuration and is the recommended way to use it unless you are an advanced computer user.

WinPatrol WAR Features:

  • PreEmptive Strike. The workhorse of our engine and feature that blocks Ransomware before it can encrypt your data.
  • SafeZone. SafeZone is a folder of your choice where you can store important data. And then specify which programs have access. Any program not on the approved list is blocked from accessing the data.
  • Network/Share Lockdown. Ransomware typically looks for networked and shared folder first when encrypting data. You will have the ability to specify which programs are allowed to access your share and your network. If it isn’t on the list, it’s blocked.
  • File/Folder Access History. See which files or folders non-whitelisted programs are touching on your computer.
  • Block Any Program. Specify programs you don’t want running on your computer and WinAntiRansom will block them.
  • VirusTotal Integration. If you have questions or concerns about a program, simply highlight it and select VirusTotal from the menu to view a full VirusTotal report on that file.
  • Artificial Intelligence engine. Capable of blocking most Malware and Zero-Day Threats in addition to Ransomware. In fact, the AI engine is so powerful that it blocks Ransomware it’s never seen before.

What is Ransomware:

  • Ransomware invades your computer like a virus.
  • It encrypts photos, music, word docs, excel spreadsheets, pdf’s, text documents and more.
  • Encryption means they scramble your data in a way only they can undo.
  • Once infected, your AntiVirus is useless. In fact, if it cleans off the infection before you pay the ransom, your files are lost.
  • Ransomware holds your files hostage, charging you a ransom of $200, $500 and more to get them back.
  • The FBI’s advice: If you need your files, pay the ransom.
  • Bottom line. Prevention is the only medicine. Once you’re infected, it is too late.

The ransom demand typically starts out around $500 in BitCoin. The ransom usually doubles with each passing deadline. When the time expires, they delete your files. That’s right, if you do not pay, they delete your files. Amazingly enough, if you pay in most cases they really do decrypt the files.

Here’s the rub. If they detect you’re trying to decrypt the files yourself, they delete them. If you run a malware scan and delete the Ransomware responsible for the infection, kiss your files goodbye unless you have a backup. You won’t get them decrypted. The Federal Government still can’t decrypt most Ransomware encrypted files.

Best medicine for Ransomware is prevention. That is why we invented WinAntiRansom and are actively improving it every day. Also, we seek out new strains of Ransomware to keep you protected.

What’s new in WinPatrol WAR 2017.5.720.0:

  • Fixed bug that resulted in WinPatrol WAR using excessive CPU on some computers.

Size: 39.3 MB

DOWNLOAD WinPatrol WAR 2017.5.720.0

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