EaseUS Todo PCTrans 11.8 Build 20200818 (All Editions)

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EaseUS Todo PCTrans DOWNLOAD FREEEaseUS Todo PCTrans is basically a PC transfer app for people who want to transfer all their files from an old PC to a new one without the hassle of backing everything up to USB sticks, DVDs, or external hard drives first.

The easiest way to describe EaseUS Todo PC Trans Free is to imagine it as being like a secure moving day truck for all your important documents, files, folders, photos, music, and even installed programs and applications, one that takes care of all the headaches for you, and transports them all to your new computer.

EaseUS claim that EaseUS Todo PC Trans Free is ‘the best PC transfer assistant for Windows.’ Well, we can’t guarantee that you’ll agree with that, but we can guarantee that it works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and even 10. PC Trans also works if your new PC is Windows 10, and your old one is still stuck in the technological stone age of Windows XP.

All things considered, EaseUS Todo PC Trans Free is virtually effort-free on your part to use, and the interface and step by step guide should let you transfer all your files and apps in a stress-free process. What PC Trans Free stops you from having to install every single program on your new PC one by one.

For PC Trans Free to work, you will need a LAN or patch cable hooked into both your old and new PC, and for PC Trans Free to be installed on both computers. You may also find that turning off your antivirus and firewalls will help. But that’s it. The rest should be relatively straightforward.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Key Features:

  • Transfer files from one PC to another without having to back up the entire hard drive first.
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Simple setup and operation.
  • Step by step guide.
  • LAN cable is the only other accessory required.

EaseUS Todo PC Trans Free only has one catch, and that is the free of ‘trial version’ only lets you transfer two apps or programs for free, after that you have to pay. There is however no expiration date or time limit on the Free version, and you can transfer as many files as you want.

One-Click to Set up a New PC

EaseUS Todo PCTrans takes all stuff to a new PC and gets it ready for use. This easy PC transfer tool safely migrates your existing files, file folders, programs, and accounts over to a new computer. In just one click, make your new PC loaded with everything you need. Instead of manual copy and paste, you can move to a new PC seamlessly.

In-Place Upgrade

Upgrade to Windows 10? EaseUS Todo PCTrans makes it possible to perform an in-place upgrade in Windows 10 without reinstalling all apps. This PC transfer software can move applications downloaded on the previous computer to a new PC before your Windows 10 update.

When the Windows 10 upgrade is done, it automates the configurations of apps on the Windows 10 PC without removing the old versions. To install Windows new updates, everything transferred remains the same as before.

Transfer and Backup

  • Worry about data loss when switching to a new computer or upgrading Windows 10?
  • Have to re-download all apps when you change a PC?
  • Reluctant to create a new account on a new PC?
  • EaseUS PC migration software copies the contents on the one computer, and backs up data, applications, or account along with the personalized settings to another PC. This approach reduces data loss to zero and allows you to restore everything back when something unexpected occurs. In particular, it creates images of all apps and makes them available on the new PC.

Optimize PC Performance

To upgrade your hard drives on an old PC, or replace a damaged disk, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can transfer applications locally between two disks, and move away from large programs which take up much disk space and slow down your PC. It’s widely applied to transfer apps stored on the system drive to other disks and make much room for the Windows system. Thus, it speeds up the Windows system running and keeps your PC working at its best.

Three Easy Transfer Ways

  • Transfer via Network Connection. Connect two Windows laptops/PCs by the network, and move your files, apps, and accounts off the old PC to a new one
  • Transfer via Image Files. Make images of files, folders, or software on the previous computer, and transfer to the next one. It also works as a backup.
  • Transfer between local disks. Migrate applications from one disk to another locally, and free up space to settle down low disk space issue

What’s new in EaseUS Todo PCTrans:

  • Optimized scanning user interface.
  • Supported filtering of migrated content.
  • Supported cleaning local system disks and large files.
  • Supported migration of anti-virus software

Size: 27.64 MB

Language: Multilingual

DOWNLOAD EaseUS Todo PCTrans 11.8 Build 20200818 Professional / Technician Editions
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DOWNLOAD EaseUS Todo PCTrans 11.8 Build 20200818 Professional Edition (PORTABLE)
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