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FarStone RestoreITFarStone RestoreIT 2015 is a new, and powerful innovation designed to recover your entire PC in 2 minutes for an effortless recovery from any disaster.

RestoreIT is based on FarStone’s patented “Advanced System Restore ” technology, enables you to instantly recover files, system configurations, and an operating system by literally taking a snapshot of your system. Whether you’ve been hit with a virus, attacked by a hacker, had a system crash, or other unforeseen disasters, RestoreIT allows you to go back in time to where your PC was working properly for quick, painless, and accurate data restoration.

Even in the event of Windows “Blue Screen of Death”, RestoreIT can save you and your PC instantly! RestoreIT provides 2 minutes restoration from virus attacks, spyware intrusions, or system crashes!

FarStone RestoreIT 2015 also offers Automatic and Continuous Data Protection! Restores even when Windows fails to start! Instant retrieval of deleted or overwritten files! Restore points use less than 1% of disk space compared to Windows System Restore!

FarStone RestoreIT safety net prevents PC from disasters – The best companion for AntiVirus solutions!

  • New: Supports Windows 8.1
  • New: SMART event-driven snapshot creation
  • Set-It and Forget-It
  • Restore PC to pre-Virus state! Completely remove any virus
  • Automatic & ongoing, no backup is required
  • Prevent PC from disasters with a safety net

FarStone RestoreIT Features:

  • Total System Recovery. Restore selected files/folders or an entire operating system from corrupt software, human error, virus attack, or a software bug
  • Continuous Data Protect (CDP). Continuously monitor changes to your hard drive, backup only the changed sectors
  • Unlimited System Restore Points. The number of saved restore points is restricted only by available disk space
  • Small Disk Space Requirement. Image compression and incremental backup technology mean that RestoreIT takes up a small portion of hard drive space on most computers
  • Password Protection. Restrict user access to RestoreIT
  • Hot-key entry to Recovery Environment. Enter Pre-Windows recovery environment without any premade media

FarStone RestoreIT is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit, 64 bit).

What’s new in FarStone RestoreIT 2015:

  • Windows 8.1 Supported
  • S.M.A.R.T Event-driven snapshot
  • Performance optimized
  • Password protection
  • Support UEFI-based/GPT, >4TB and RAID
  • 64 bit Recovery Environment
  • Support Software and Hardware RAIDs

Size: 38.66 MB

DOWNLOAD FarStone RestoreIT for Windows

DOWNLOAD from NitroFlare

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