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Adobe InDesign 2020 Software DOWNLOAD FREE + LicenseAdobe InDesign 2020 software provides precise control over typography and built-in creative tools for designing, preflighting, and publishing documents for print, online, or to mobile devices. Include interactivity, animation, video, and sound in page layouts to fully engage readers.

Adobe InDesign 2020 let’s create beautiful page layouts for alternate page sizes or devices. Efficiently design for print, tablets, and other screens. Integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to publish interactive digital publications for tablets.

Design a rich array of interactive documents from digital brochures, to eBooks to interactive magazines. Quickly create stunning print work using a variety of productivity and production tools including simplified object selection and editing, Live Preflight, PDF export in the background, custom print presets, and more. Export your documents as SWF for playback in the Flash player or interactive PDF.

Adobe InDesign 2020 is faster, sharper, more connected. Under-the-hood improvements and native 64-bit support make working on even the most complex documents speedier. And now, you can share work directly from Adobe InDesign 2020 and get access to new features the moment they’re released. Your entire creative world, together in one place. Only in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe InDesign 2020 ensures new performance boosts, including 64-bit support. Offers Retina display support, QR code creation, better EPUB files, a sleeker UI, and the Adobe Exchange panel in Adobe InDesign. With this software, your creative process becomes seamless, intuitive, and more connected.

Adobe InDesign 2020 Features:

  • Faster performance. Under-the-hood improvements throughout Adobe InDesign keep you working quickly and smoothly. Harness all of your system’s RAM with native 64-bit support. See the greatest improvements in speed and stability when printing and when exporting PDF and INX files.
  • Modern UI. Adobe InDesign has a new look. Because the updated user interface is consistent with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, it’s easier to work across your Adobe applications. And now you control the brightness of the UI so you can see your layouts more clearly.
  • HiDPI and Retina display support. From text to complex artwork, every element of your design will have greater clarity and vibrancy, thanks to support for the high-resolution Retina display on the new MacBook Pro.
  • Sync Fonts. Sync Fonts will change the way you work with type. Quickly find the perfect font from the growing library of Adobe Typekit fonts, sync it to your system, and have it immediately available for use.
  • Font search and filter. Find the perfect font — fast. Type any portion of a font name, such as “bold,” “semi-condensed,” “italic,” or any part of a font family name, and see only the fonts that match your criteria.
  • Instant font preview. Quickly see how different fonts look in your layout. Use the arrow keys to browse through fonts and see each one applied to your selected text. When you find the best fit for your design, just click its name or press Enter to make your choice.
  • Font favorites. Find the fonts you use most often without wading through your entire collection. Mark your favorites, and then decide whether to display only those or the full set.
  • QR Code Creator. Create crisp, clear QR codes right within InDesign. Because Adobe InDesign creates vector codes, you can resize them without compromising quality and copy them into applications like Illustrator. At any point, you can edit the QR code directly within InDesign.

More Features

  • Print publishing. Print long and short documents directly to a desktop printer or as PDF files for professional printing. Work efficiently thanks to Adaptive Design Tools, productivity tools, and more.
  • Digital publishing. Create many kinds of digital documents. Develop sophisticated content for popular tablets by pairing InDesign with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Design eBooks for popular devices, including Kindle and Nook. Export interactive layouts as SWF or PDF files.
  • iPad apps without coding. Create iPad apps without writing code. Access Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition (part of Creative Cloud) from within InDesign and use familiar tools to develop iPad apps. Creative Cloud members can submit unlimited single-edition iPad apps to the Apple App Store.
  • Preflight and production tools. Speed up production and reduce errors with live preflighting of print and digital documents, document-installed fonts, background PDF export, JDF technology, and PDF/X export.
  • Robust text composition. Create sophisticated text with precise typography. Efficiently design type with styles, text-wrap, the Paragraph Composer, OpenType support, drop caps, style mapping for EPUB export, and more.
  • Automation. Create powerful automated workflows using standards-based XML features to lay out pages with text and images. Incorporate database-driven content to publish across channels.
  • EPUB enhancements. New features make it easier to produce high-quality EPUB files from Adobe InDesign. You have greater control over the table of contents and CSS export, and CSS editing is simpler. You can also map object styles to tags so they export appropriately.
  • Persistent text-frame fitting. Set frames to automatically resize to fit your text, based on simple parameters. With persistent text-frame fitting, frames expand and shrink dynamically as you edit headlines, callouts, or other variable content.
  • PDF forms within Adobe InDesign. Design PDF forms without leaving InDesign. You can add interactive form fields, and even assign the tab order using the Articles panel before you export your document to PDF.

What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build 15.1.2:


  • [Windows] InDesign performs slowly while working simultaneously on two INDD documents having the same fonts in their respective Document Fonts folder.
  • InDesign document hangs while recovering the damaged document.
  • [Mac OS] InDesign crashes when you try to quit the application after auto-activation of a Font in some cases.
  • InDesign crashes randomly while rendering a document.
  • Intermittent crashes on loading the workspace.
  • InDesign crashes on launch in a proxy environment.
  • InDesign crashes while working with EPS images.
  • [Windows] Intermittent crash on PDF Export.
  • InDesign crashes intermittently on switching context to/from text insertion.
  • InDesign crashes intermittently while importing an image.
  • InDesign crashes when you immediately quit the app after launching.
  • While exporting InDesign document to HTML, Indesign can crash if you specify the export option as Copy image > link to server path and if the document has single character image file names.
  • InDesign randomly crashes while quitting the application.


  • When you export a document to PDF, the loading progress bar does not appear in the background task panel.
  • Some localization issues in the Italian UI version.
  • Auto-activate Adobe Fonts option does not have an ALT key assigned in Preferences.
  • [Windows] On high-resolution displays, the right-to-left cursor does not work as expected.
  • [Windows] On high-resolution displays, the Japanese vertical text frame cursor does not work correctly.
  • [InCopy] In high-resolution Windows machines, options within panels shift to the right on subsequent launch.

Core feature and workflow

  • [Mac OS] Resizing the text by holding the keyboard shortcut while making long ascenders and descenders using Variable Fonts creates images of the previous positions.
  • [Mac OS] Variable Fonts do not work in InDesign and the sliders appear as disabled.
  • HTTP links fail due to incorrect encoding of path elements by the URI class.
  • [macOS]Unable to check out InCopy files that are saved on a network location in Windows.
  • Pasting a URL that contains diacritics results in a non-reachable URL.
  • Note Refresh the hyperlink if found in legacy documents.

Improvement to new features

  • Comments made on a shared Review document in the browser appear as Unmapped Comments.
  • Error getting invited people message appears on initiating Share for Review.
  • Font PSName might appear in Background Tasks panel when a font gets auto-activated.
  • Font Specific: Variable font does not work properly in InDesign.


  • When exporting to PDF from InDesign, elements of some composite CJK glyphs disappear when they overlap.
  • When you create an InDesign package, AdobeFnt.lst file does not contain any information on packaged fonts.
  • Text on a path with stroke applied as aligned to center goes missing except for the first character when exported to PDF.
  • Deformed glyphs appear in an exported PDF.


  • The Script Editor does not launch when you choose Edit Script option for Apple Script.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), 8, 8.1, 10.
  • macOS 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 10.14 (Mojave), and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Size: 616.22 MB

Language: Multilingual + Russian

DOWNLOAD Adobe InDesign 2020 Build for Windows (64-bit)
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DOWNLOAD Adobe InDesign 2020 Build 15.1.1 for macOS
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