Corel Painter Essentials

Corel Painter EssentialsCorel Painter Essentials 5 is the photo painting, drawing and painting software. Easily sketch, paint and turn your photos into paintings with this creative home digital art studio. A wide selection of brushes, paints, pens and paper textures lets you add unique touches to photos, create cards and scrapbooks, and complete other fun projects.

Corel Painter Essentials 5 is based on the world’s most powerful painting and illustration software, Corel Painter. If you want to do more than just edit and print your photos, Corel Painter Essentials 5 is the ideal way to get started with digital art. Create a painting from a photo in just 3 easy steps. Sketch or paint on a blank canvas to produce an original image, and add creative elements to any digital project.

Corel Painter Essentials 5 makes it easy to create amazing art at any skill level. Easily sketch, draw or paint on a blank canvas with award-winning Natural-Media brushes that are custom selected for beginners. Discover unmatched photo-painting and cloning tools that will transform your pictures into impressive art right before your eyes. Explore a wide variety of painting styles, brushes and photo effects that let you create an authentic, hand-painted look every time. It’s the most natural way to show your unique personality and style.

  • NEW! Revolutionary Particle brushes
    Discover incredible brushes that let you revel in creative chaos or take complete control. Enhance a photo-clone painting with unique photo effects or create a unique masterpiece with physics-based brushstrokes that spring, flow, glow and gravitate onto your canvas.
  • NEW! Jitter brushes
    Enhance the realism and randomness of your digital brushes. Now, you have access to a variety of Jitter brushes across several brush categories and can experience an array of unexpected results.
  • NEW! Mirror painting
    With Mirror painting, every stroke you make is copied onto the opposite side of your canvas. Not only does this new tool greatly increase your precision and accuracy when painting symmetrical objects, but it also saves you a lot of time!
  • NEW! Kaleidoscope painting
    Go where traditional painting can’t! This exciting new tool allows you to create beautiful kaleidoscope effects on canvas. Use your choice of media to paint electrifying patterns and colors, and see amazing results when you add a blending tool to the mix.
  • NEW! User Interface
    The new user interface in Painter Essentials was inspired by the professional tools found in Painter 2015, but was built for beginners. Easily choose to get started with Drawing and Painting or Photo Painting. You’ll find all the tools you need to create incredible photo effects and original art.
  • NEW! Brush Tracking Utility
    Now you can control and customize pressure-sensitive memory to virtually any brush. A visual power curve captures every movement and every line on your canvas, just like you would with real world art materials.
  • NEW! 2 in 1 mobile painting interface
    With Real-Time Stylus and Windows Tablet PC plus Intel’s 2 in 1 tablet device support, you can paint on the go and find new inspiration anytime, anywhere. Your Tablet PC will automatically detect when you are in Tablet mode and change the interface for you.
  • NEW! Navigator panel
    Navigating your canvas and working with large images just got easier. Use the Preview window to drag and change your focal point on the canvas – perfect for moving to a different area of the image without having to switch tools or adjust the zoom level.
  • NEW! Real-time Effects preview
    Add photo effects and details to your work, and see them displayed on your canvas in real-time as they’re applied. Now your entire canvas offers a world of effects experimentation and you can enjoy new effects such as Negative, Color Overlay, Quick Warp and Smart Blur.
  • NEW! Transformation tools
    Easily transform content on canvas using the new transformation tools to move, scale, rotate, skew and distort your creations.
  • NEW! Native 64-bit for Mac and PC
    Performance improvements mean faster speeds when it comes to intensive operations. Zoom, rotate, work with layers and more – all without slowing down. Plus, enjoy better brush accuracy and performance.
  • NEW! Painter Mobile for Android
    Be ready whenever inspiration strikes! Download the app to paint on the go and then import your work directly into Corel Painter Essentials 5 to add the finishing touches.
  • ENHANCED! Brushstroke preview
    Know exactly how a brush will look when applied to the canvas by glancing at the Brushstroke preview in the Brush Selector. This time saver will avoid the need to test brushes on your canvas.
  • ENHANCED! Paper textures
    Give your art a level of texture and detail that will bring your artwork to life. With 19 brand new Paper Textures, you will enjoy more freedom to experiment and match the perfect texture with any media.
  • ENHANCED! Wacom tablet support
    Every artist uses different pressure when drawing on a tablet. Corel Painter Essentials 5 offers support for the entire Wacom product line and helps you customize your tablet to meet your pressure-sensitivity needs. You can control brush size, zooming and many other functions, eliminating the need for a keyboard while painting.
  • World’s most authentic Natural-Media
    Experience a stress-free way to unleash your imagination and express your true creativity. Corel Painter Essentials 5 Natural-Media brushes, including RealBristle technology, replicate traditional art materials more realistically than any other software.
  • Smart photo-painting tools
    Sit back and watch the Auto-Painting tool magically paint a photo for you and add amazing photo effects. Just choose your image and a painting style, and then let the SmartStroke brush technology follow the lines and contours in your picture just like a real artist would.
  • Tracing images
    Sketch or paint right over your photo using tracing paper as a guide. You can use color right from the image itself or custom select your own colors.

Supported OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit) with latest Service Pack, Mac OS X 10.9 or 10.10 (with latest revision)


Size: 218.4 MB

Download Corel Painter Essentials for Windows x64 NitroFlare

Download Corel Painter Essentials for Mac OS X NitroFlare RapidGator

Download Corel Painter Essentials 5 Hot Fix 1 (Update to

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