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DesignCAD 3D MAXDesignCAD 3D MAX 24.1 is an easy-to-use, versatile CAD tool that’s perfect for novice designers, but powerful enough to create high-quality 2D/3D designs, models and animations. The intuitive interface and extensive online help make it easy to design anything, from simple hobby projects to professional precision drawings. It’s everything you need! 2D drafting and 3D modeling have never been easier.

Design everything from furniture, decks, floorplans and architectural drawings to engineering layouts, electronic schematics, plats, maps, elevations and even toys for hobbies.

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Access a full range of powerful 3D modeling primitives, including box, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone and torus. Utilize Boolean operations, including solid add, solid subtract, and slice, to shape your 3D parts.

Add materials to your model to create presentation ready designs. Intuitive yet sophisticated editing tools, advanced geometric construction capabilities, drawing short cut keys and complete layer management make 2D drafting a breeze.

  • Precision 2D Drafting Tool
  • 3D Solid Modeling Tools
  • Mechanical Design Tools
  • Architectural Design Tools
  • Realistic Rendering
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Online Help

In addition to its 2D Mode, DesignCAD 3D MAX is a true three-dimensional CAD system. You can use it to construct realistic 3D models of your projects. You can show them in wireframe view, with hidden lines removed, or with full-color shading – from any viewing angle.

You can also create animation files which step the viewer around your drawing in smooth increments. For example, you could start with an aerial view of a house, descend to ground level, and then walk all around it. You can even assign material properties to your creations, placing a brass doorknob on an oak door, or creating a lavatory of rose marble with chrome fittings.

Render your 3D models with applied materials or texture maps or use transparency and fogging for added impact.

  • Shadow Tool – smooth the edges of rendered shadows
  • Procedural Textures – add marble, wood, cement, grain, patch, perlin noise, brick, cells or wood extended textures to your designs.
  • Image Fills – Use an image as a fill pattern.

DesignCAD 3D MAX can also lock layers, so that they are visible but not editable, in order to prevent accidental changes to the locked layer. Some features of objects, such as color or linestyle, can also be controlled on a per-layer basis, so for example objects drawn in a particular layer can automatically have a certain color and/or linestyle applied.

DesignCAD allows users to switch these by-layer settings on or off at will, or allow the settings to change automatically as they switch to and from layers with color or linestyle presets.

Choose from more than 10,000 2D/3D symbols to quickly drag and drop into your design. Plus, get access to millions of additional mechanical and architectural symbols with a free 3-month subscription to!

Create stunning animated presentations with a moving view of your 3D model. Select two DesignCAD drawings or BMP images, and Drawing Compare will perform a visual comparison of the two. There are options to switch from one to the other, to show only the differences, or to have the differences blink, quickly highlighting where changes have been made. Zoom In or select to Zoom to Differences to quickly spot any updates.

New and Improved GPU-Accelerated Drawing Performance

DesignCAD 3D MAX offers an enhanced RedSDK mode which leverages the power of modern graphics cards to zoom, pan, and rotate your designs up to 30 times faster than using the OpenGL mode! New DesignCAD 3D MAX v24 now offers RedSDK mode with shaded and hidden-line 3D views, as well as in wireframe mode.

New Surface Entity Type

New surface entity type has been added to DesignCAD 3D MAX in order to improve 3D Boolean results and improve compatibility of exported 3D shapes.

New “Match Properties” Tool

The Match Properties tool, new in DesignCAD 3D MAX v24, allows the user to apply properties from one object to all selected objects. The user may choose which properties to apply from the source object to the selection set.

New Double Line Entities Default Setting

DesignCAD now saves the current fill pattern for double line entities as a default setting when the program closes. Previously the default always reverted to solid fill.

Improved Workspace Configuration

The Workspace Configuration dialog box now has a master checkbox to check or uncheck all available categories to be saved in the workspace template.

Improved Info Box

When one or more items are selected, there is now an option to show only the layers used by the selected objects in the Info Box layer list. This makes it easy to determine at a glance exactly which layers are used by the selected objects.

Improved Backward Compatibility

DesignCAD 3D MAX version 24 improves backward compatibly in several areas, so you can work with older drawing files with the latest technology. A problem loading some DesignCAD 97 drawings with embedded symbols has been fixed, and we corrected some problems using Drag-select on grouped items.

Also, DesignCAD 3D MAX version 24 corrects a problem displaying older drawings containing text-only dimensions, as the text-only dimensions were displaying with extension lines and arrows, when only the text should have been shown.


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DesignCAD 3D MAX 24.1 

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