CloudMe 1.11.2 (Free File Storage)


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CloudMeCloudMe is a free web-based file storage, synchronization and sharing service that gives you anywhere access to your online files and a Blue Folder on all your devices. You can access directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer browser.

The app lets you easily upload your files to the CloudMe and it is the easiest way to get your files online with automatic backup. CloudMe offers you 3GB of space for free. You can upload, access and share your files from anywhere, even your smartphone. With CloudMe this is automatically done in the background of your computer. Keep your files organized as you always have on your computer, CloudMe allows you to setup which folders to automatically sync. You can also manually store files in this app.

This app allow you to organize and share your documents, photos, videos and music albums to Facebook, Twitter, Google + or share a HTTP link. Create your own playlists, sync your music library and play your m3u playlists all from your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and more. It also lets listen to your music while viewing your files.

  • Computer. You can install this application on your computer.
  • Mobile. With your iPhone or Android phone, you can start using this app today.
  • Network Drive. Many apps are already CloudMe Ready and most productivity apps support adding a Network Drive (WebDAV) like CloudMe.

CloudMe is a great comfort when you are on the go and have forgotten a document on your home or work computer – It will be accessible from any smartphone or computer. With mobile apps for both iPhone and Android you will always have direct access to your files. The app even allows you to stream your music to your phone, dramatically expanding its built in storage capacity. In addition, CloudMe provides web access, allowing you to use any browser to access your files. The app also integrates as a network drive on all operating system through WebDAV.

With WebShare you can share links to files or folders via Email, Instant Messaging or SMS (text messaging). CloudMe even supports direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you receive a WebShare, you can follow the WebShare from your account and always have access to what has been shared to you. Photos are displayed as a photo album and shared music will stream through a WebShare. By following a WebShare, you can access it as if it was part of your very own file system.

CloudMe mounts as a network drive (similar to iDisk) using WebDAV on Mac, Windows and Linux computers. This means you can use and access CloudMe as a local hard drive, edit documents using Microsoft Office and manage your files and folders using your standard file explorer. Many 3rd party applications and apps on mobile devices support WebDAV, this means that CloudMe can be used from within any app compatible with WebDAV. A network drive is the perfect way for random access to content in CloudMe that you need to use on a local computer. It is also a convenient way to download files from CloudMe to a local computer. The Blue Folder is also accessible via WebDAV.

This app requires an account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign-up for free from within the app. You’ll need to choose a user name, a password, give them your email address and so on.

This app is now being used in more than 230 countries all over the world!

What’s New in version 1.11.2:

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Size: 17.0 MB

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DOWNLOAD for Linux x64

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