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CraveInvoice LICENCE KEYCraveInvoice Pro helps you in managing your customers and sales for multiple companies. Create quotations, sales invoices, service invoices, and track customer payment receipts. Setup and generate recurring invoices. Email quotations and invoices directly to the customer. Batch print invoices. Export reports to various formats such as pdf, html, Excel, csv, xml, Word, rtf, png, jpg, tif, etc.

You can easily create quotations for your customers. You can print and send quotes to your customers via e-mail from within the software. You can choose to print the quotation on different quotation templates. Create sales or service invoices and print them on different invoice templates.

You can also email the invoice copy to your customers directly from within the software. CraveInvoice Pro allows you to keep track of invoicing records for one or more companies you own. You can switch between companies seamlessly and without restarting the software.

  • Track and Manage Receivables from Customers. You can easily track the receivables of your company in this software. Whenever you receive a payment from the customer, you can create a new receipt record in which you can settle the received amount against multiple invoices or otherwise save it as an advance payment record.
  • Setup and Generate Recurring Invoices. Setup and automatically generate recurring invoices for all the sales and services you provide to your customers. A recurring invoice can be set up based on an existing invoice record and you can later generate new invoices with just one click of a button.
  • Batch Print Quotes and Invoices. CraveInvoice Pro allows you to print quotations, sales invoices, and service invoices in batches.
  • 15+ invoicing and sales analysis reports. You will get 15+ invoicing and sales analysis reports to easily track company sales revenue and customer due payments.

CraveInvoice LICENCE KEY

CraveInvoice Pro Highlights:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Customizable invoice report templates
  • Import existing data in the software from CSV (Excel) files
  • Manage multiple companies with different currencies
  • Email reports from within the software
  • Flexible and multiple tax management
  • Batch printing tool
  • Multiple user system (central database over a network)
  • Backup and restore the database
  • Password protected the user interface

Changes in CraveInvoice Pro

  • Added purchase order drop-down on the delivery note and returnable delivery note form in case of the job work module is enabled.
  • Added order type drop-down on the purchase order form in case of job work module is enabled.
  • On purchase order form – Menu command added on all records tab to update the status of order if it is not marked as complete properly.
  • Added billing type drop-down on delivery note and returnable delivery note form if the work module is enabled.
  • Bugfix: New document number generation error if the suffix is given in document settings for any document.
  • Option added to ask before closing the form if entry is not saved before closing the form.
  • Option added on Invoice for posting reverse charge tax amount to the different ledger.
  • Amount and rate added in stock issue entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
  • Amount and rate added in stock return entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
  • Option added to calculate price and retail price based on the rate at specific percent on Item form.
  • Option added to control no. of print copies for each report.
  • Daily report form updated so that the user can select the company for the report.
  • The computer name can be printed on each report based on a setting.
  • Tax setup form – Added drop down to select refundable and reverse charge ledger accounts.
  • Account settings form – added drop-down to select reverse charge (shipping) and interest on capital ledger accounts.
  • New form added to define interest calculation on capital and to post the journal entry for the same.
  • Bugfix: Purchase journal – net amount field was not visible on the form in some cases.
  • Copy record option added on purchase journal form.
  • Option added to show supplier type by default instead of the customer on returnable delivery note form.
  • Bugfix: The transaction history form columns were getting messed up in some cases.
  • User manager – Option added to show username of the person who created the record on all records list tab for all forms.
  • Option added in the File menu to switch / login user without restarting the software.
  • Option added to minimize software to the Windows system tray.
  • Option added to update rate from purchase journal to item form’s price and retail price.
  • It is now possible to restrict the receipt entry date to today’s date to avoid entry mistakes.
  • Data from all records tab of each form can be exported to excel sheets.
  • Purchase return form added to quickly post debit notes for suppliers.
  • User name added on the POS Sales report.
  • Employee payment form in payroll can be used by doing manual data entry. No need to import data of attendance or hourly entries.
  • Added payment mode drop-down on payment receipt list report parameters window.
  • Added order type drop-down on the Purchase order with item details report.
  • New report – Supplier statement with due days.
  • Bugfix: on Stock return form – Delivery note drop-down shows now only pending delivery notes based on type i.e. returnable or non-returnable.
  • Added delivery note type parameter for a report of the returnable delivery note with items.
  • Added date selection for delivery note with details report.
  • Added sales order type drop-down on the sales order form.
  • Bugfix: Stock receipt form adding blank lines if barcode inventory is enabled.
  • Added order type drop-down on the sales order list report.
  • New Service purchase order report.
  • New Purchase indent with item details report.
  • New Debit note list report.
  • New credit note list report.
  • New supplier balance report.
  • New customer balance report.
  • New stock return note with item details report.
  • New monthly summary report.
  • New purchase summary report.
  • New expense summary report.
  • New purchase journal with item details report.
  • New quality report for stock receipts.
  • New quality report for production entries.
  • New shortage quantity for production orders report.
  • New shortage quantity for production order summary report.
  • On Sales person form, option added to add all items at once for commission rate calculation.
  • Stock receipt and sales order form – added vehicle no. and away bill no.
  • Custom date selection added to trial balance, balance sheet, and profit statement reports.

Supported Operating Systems: from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Size: 16.81 MB

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