Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.40

Acoustica CD DVD Label MakerAcoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.40 lets create your own CD/DVD labels and CD jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility! If you’re sick of guessing which songs are on which CD, get the CD label software that automatically puts your track list on your CD/DVD label!

Chock full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more! Automatically imports your track information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, iTunes, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or any other popular playlist or previously burnt CD!

Print on standard paper, stock sticker labels, CD jewel case templates or print directly on a CD or DVD! Automatically import your iTunes play lists! Create stunning CD and DVD labels, CD jewel cases and DVD boxes. CD/DVD Label Maker allow you to print directly on a CD or use your LightScribe direct labeling drive.

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Features:

  • Supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives – your search for easy LightScribe software is over!
  • Print to multiple LightScribe drives simultaneously!
  • Now supports partial transparency for images, text backgrounds and PNG images with alpha layers.
  • Automatically align your printers with the Printer Alignment Wizard!
  • Now reads data or backup CDs and creates an instant summary!
  • Video DVD / Chapter support!
  • Import art from tons of stock graphics or your own photographs
  • Automatically import your music playlists such as iTunes or read the contents of your previously burnt CD into visually appealing arrangements. (Also reads MP3 CDs and data CDs and DVDs!)
  • Create curved and spiral text!
  • Easy wizards help create your CD/DVD/mini CD labels and CD jewel cases
  • Supports 99% of stock CD labels and CD jewel case templates!
  • Support for the new direct-to-CD printers!
  • Support for DVD cases
  • Supports Asian fonts!!!
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and more, including various digital camera RAW image formats

Changes in Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.40:

  • duplex (double-sided) printing available on printers that support it
  • lots of new supported paper types and direct-to-disc printers
    • print job names not displaying correctly in the Windows print spooler
    • clicking the Tracks dialog’s “Read CD” button when there was no disc in the CD drive caused the tracks type to change from audio to data
    • Print dialog “crop holes” preference not getting preserved on subsequent sessions
    • if a tracks listing displayed multiple tag fields in a fixed-fields layout and the text control wasn’t wide enough to display all the tag fields, only the first track would get displayed
    • incorrect text caret position on blank lines for centered or right-justified text
    • if you selected text in the text-properties dialog and the selection included the last character, the selection would get ignored
    • if you have circular text with both a drop shadow and a semi-transparent background, the area behind the text wouldn’t get displayed correctly in some cases
    • labels that had transparency effects didn’t handle user-defined alignment adjustments correctly when printing
    • rare crash when cancelling out of Text Properties dialog


Size: 10.2 MB

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