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AquaSoft SlideShow 10 UltimateAquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate allows to turn your photos, videos, music, and text into animated shows with stunning effects and incredible quality. Thousands of effects, animations and transitions for your photos, videos and texts, many smart and configurable templates and the ultra sharp 4K-UHD export. Use the unique capabilities of AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate and create your own stunning shows. Use the SlideShow-Master (a smart wizard) to create slideshows on the fly, from predifined templates and your photos.

With just a few clicks you can create your first slideshow. Images in the Timeline can be moved around by drag and drop. Captions can be easily added to each image. SlideShow 10 offers an unlimited number of image and sound tracks.

Burn your shows to Blu-ray disc, DVD, as HD or even 4K-UHD video files, upload directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo – choose from more than 20 popular export options.

AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate puts the tools for comfortable video editing in your hands. that allow you to customize your videos down to the last detail. Moreover, it has new time lapse and slow motion features plus tons of new features. You also will able to record videos with the camera or a mobile phone.

  • NEW! Increased video functions including time lapse and slow motion
  • NEW! Create 3D rotations with photos and video
  • NEW! Combine font styles and design effects
  • Animated itineraries with higher resolution maps
  • Full HD and 4K quality export

Video editing: professional quality made easy with AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate

Take your videos into post-production: the frame-by-frame view allows for precise cuts, ensuring that you capture the essence of your videos. Accelerate your recordings for fast rides or slow them down to give special moments more time. Edit your videos in AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate with the use of color, mask, and lighting effects to create stunning visual experiences. The hardware accelerated decoding works in the background to ensure smooth playback even at 4K resolution.

  • NEW! Video editing tools directly in the Timeline
  • NEW! Optimized deinterlacing: no more combing
  • NEW! Adjustable speed (time lapse/slow motion)
  • NEW! Frame-by-frame view for videos
  • NEW! Professional Playhead
  • NEW! Hardware accelerated video decoding

Text, in all shapes and sizes

Combine fonts and colors in one text object – in AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate using Rich Text is finally possible. You can make each letter of your text a different color or highlight a word by making it in a different font, all without the need of several text objects. Now your camera data and GPS information are automatically loaded and easily accessible using the variables feature.

  • NEW! With the rich text editor, you can now use different fonts, sizes, and colors combined in a single text object.
  • NEW! Popular effects from the image editor can now be applied to text.
  • NEW! With variables, all you photo info including aperture, camera type, date and location taken are easily accessible.

Experience detailed photos

Using camera pans, zoom in on details or pan across panoramic views. In version 10, you can even add a spin. Selecting the right zoom area is now much easier, the selected segment is now outlined with a dark lined border. So you can see exactly what will be visible and what won’t. You can also enjoy a newer and faster layout designer. Now scroll with the mouse wheel continuously in and out, up and down.

  • NEW! Rotated Camera Pans
  • NEW! Zoom around the Layout designer
  • NEW! Scrollbars in the Layout designer

Animated Itinerary with Map Wizard

High-resolution maps provide the perfect backdrop for your route’s animation. Choose from street, terrain, or satellite image maps and route animations with different colors, styles, and vehicles. You can also add your own maps and backgrounds or use the animated routes/ lines for other purposes, such as to add a decorative animation as an intro to your movie.

  • NEW! Retina-Option for maps with a high level of detail (Only in Stages)

Maximum quality output

Whether you still want to burn a DVD to give away or if you want 4K resolution, the Video Wizard offers different export options which can all be configured in Ultimate and Stages down to the last detail. Export your video in various formats, including:

  • Other computers
  • As HD/4K video on your TV, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or other device
  • As a video or as a PC-Show for projectors
  • Social media; YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc
  • As a CD, DVD (with menu), AVCHD or Blu-Ray disc

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


Size: 262.69 MB

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DOWNLOAD AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate version 10.5.07 [x64 PORTABLE]


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