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MAGIX FastcutMAGIX Fastcut lets you create videos that are just as exciting as your adventures. Various action templates make editing recordings from GoPro and other actions cams easier than ever before. Plus they can automatically cut your footage to fit the beat of the music. The automatic image stabilization feature, distortion correction and special editing presets allow you to make your own amazing action films in no time without any previous experience – you can even automatically edit your videos to match the beat of the music.

MAGIX Fastcut offers easy-to-use controls, intuitive buttons and features (e.g. color wheel) which can be controlled by touch and swipe gestures. This lets you finish even the most extreme action recordings in no time at all.

MAGIX Fastcut makes video editing and sharing your action cam recordings easier than ever before.

The most important features of MAGIX Fastcut:

  • Easy-to-use controls: Start the program and you’re ready to go
  • Movie Wizard for automatic video editing with special action templates such as Surfing and Bike Trip
  • Cinema-quality effects: Animated transitions and templates
  • Spectacular music: Suitable for different video lengths
  • Proxy video editing optimized for GoPro: Smoothly edit 4K & HD action cam videos
  • Automatic image enhancements such as image stabilization and distortion correction with special presets for GoPro
  • Audio filter for removing wind noise
  • Designed to work with all standard action cams
  • Present videos anywhere: On TV, mobile devices or online

Make a hit with your adventures in just 60 seconds. Whether you go looking for adventure in water, in mud, or in the air: MAGIX Fastcut offers editing templates with music that automatically set the perfect stage for your adventures – and match them to the beat of the music.

Extremely fast video editing:

  • Editing templates. MAGIX Fastcut offers diverse editing templates in lengths from 30 to 180 seconds which allow you to automatically cut your footage to fit music. Import action recordings. And export pure adrenaline in no time.
  • Fisheye correction. Lots of action cams record in wide-angle format. MAGIX Fastcut lets you easily correct this so-called fisheye effect.
  • Automatic video stabilization. Fastcut’s image stabilization makes sure that even shaky and unstable footage runs smoothly in the end. One challenge less.
  • Trim video clips even faster. To help you get things done faster, you can choose between three options in manual editing mode: “Trim clip start”, “Cut clip” and “Trim clip end”. Each option can be accessed via a shortcut.
  • Automatic image optimization. Extreme lighting conditions and intense colors can be easily handled by automatically optimizing color, brightness and contrast.
  • Correct video alignment. Record videos in the craziest perspectives – MAGIX Fastcut can rotate your footage to make sure everything is properly aligned. Attaching a camera to the bottom of your skateboard, the side of your mountain bike or under your car is no problem at all.
  • Proxy video editing. The proxy editing feature generates smaller versions of your original 4K & HD video files. This allows you to smoothly and quickly edit your footage – and when you’re finished, you can enjoy every detail in high resolution.
  • Optimized for GoPro: MAGIX Fastcut can recognize and use the native proxy files from your GoPro to help you save even more time!

Professional effects, slow motion and HDR:

  • Video effects. Set your adventure in black & white or vintage look, and apply tons of other effects. Tracking shots, zooms, mirroring, looks and other impressive effects can be easily applied to scenes with drag & drop.
  • Slow motion. Fastcut can even slow things down during important moments: Thanks to slow motion effects, you can slow the playback of all your backflips, 360s and other moves. Even extremely slow motion footage plays smoothly.
  • Backlight correction. HDR effects provide the right contrast in the image composition during video editing. This allows you to bring out the right elements, even in extreme recordings.
  • Dynamic transitions. To make your videos more dynamic, you can actively design transitions between slow and fast motion recordings. MAGIX Fastcut also offers a big selection of dynamic transitions.

Audio editing and music:

  • Epic, dramatic or simply fantastic. MAGIX Fastcut offers the right music for every mood in your video material. Songs come in lengths of 30 to 180 seconds and fit perfectly with the video editing templates.
  • The right volume every time. MAGIX Fastcut allows you to easily adjust the volume in your videos in just a few clicks. This helps you find the right video sound mix for your adventures even quicker. This way everything not only looks great, it sounds great too.
  • Reduce wind noise. Whether you go base jumping, sky diving or free climbing, wind noise is unavoidable in most outdoor recordings. MAGIX Fastcut offers various audio filters specifically for editing and reducing wind noise.

Show the world your favorite spots:

  • Universal export formats. Of course, you can also easily save your finished videos on your computer – all you have to do is choose one of the
    export formats.
  • Direct upload to YouTube, vimeo, Facebook and showfy. When you’re finished, you can directly upload your video from Fastcut to Facebook, YouTube, vimeo and showfy. Your videos have never made it online this quick before.
  • Direct output to mobile devices. Save your videos to mobile devices such as your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, tablets like the Samsung GALAXY Tab, and all Android phones.

MAGIX Fastcut Supports:

  • Action cams: GoPro, Sony, Panasonic, Rollei, Olympus, etc.
  • Smartphones: Export for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Tablets: Export to Apple iPad and Android tablets

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (only 64-bit)


Size: 605.04 MB

Download MAGIX Fastcut (x64) NitroFlare RapidGator

Download MAGIX Fastcut (ISO)

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