EarthView 6.7.1 / EarthTime 6.7.1

High detail views of the earth at day and night


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DeskSoft EarthView Google, DeskSoft EarthTimeEarthView is a dynamic work area backdrop and screen saver, which shows excellent views of the earth with sunshine and night shadows. It produces bright, high quality, high-resolution images for each screen resolution – even past 2560×1600! The program supports guide and globe views, urban regions, city lights, barometrical impacts, mists, nearby time shows, and much more…

EarthView supports distinctive maps that demonstrate our planet earth in various ways, as photographic or aesthetic. Numerous alternatives permit add up to customization of all view parameters. EarthView beginning at 10 km resolution, which implies that at 100% zoom level, 1 pixel on your screen measures up to 10 kilometers on earth.

This implies, they have much more detail, so you can zoom in even further! EarthView has won numerous honors for its totally stunning images.

EarthViewMain features:

  • High detailed view of the earth
  • Day and night view
  • Urban areas and city lights
  • Clouds
  • Three beautiful maps to choose from
  • Locations of more than 3000 Cities with local time
  • Map and globe projection
  • Wallpaper and screen saver support
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Many options for full customization
  • and much more…

Changes in EarthView 6.7.1:

  • New: updated city database

Supported operating systems: Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Size: 21.34 MB

DOWNLOAD DeskSoft Earth View 6.7.1
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DOWNLOAD DeskSoft Earth Time 6.7.1
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