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Start Menu ReviverStart Menu Reviver is designed for you, whether you just want a Start Menu back in Windows 8.1, or want to have more control in Windows 10. This application is the only choice that brings back the familiarity you’re accustomed to and embraces the enhancements in the future of Windows.

Start Menu Reviver lets launch desktop and metro apps. You can launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows 8 modern applications directly from the the Start Menu. No other product allows you to do this. Start Menu accommodates up to 32 tiles so you can customize it for a truly personal experience. Choose which applications, documents, folders and more you want to launch directly from your Start Menu.

You can also change the tile images using our ever-growing library of icons, or create your very own.

Start Menu Reviver is more intuitive, more functional and more customizable than any other product on the market. Start Menu is the ONLY solution that is truly touchscreen-friendly and ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The unique tile structure in Start Menu Reviver means that it is the only Start Menu that is truly touch-friendly. Of course you can still use your mouse and keyboard, but with Start Menu Reviver you can also easily add, remove, move and edit at the touch of a finger.

Start Menu ReviverStart Menu Reviver other useful features:

  • Powerful Search. The search box in Start Menu is a one stop shop for finding anything on your computer. It will help you find applications, computer settings and documents in a matter of seconds.
  • Access the Start Screen. If you still want to access the Windows 8 Start screen, you can see it and access it directly in Start Menu Reviver. You can even see how it looked the last time you were there.
  • Make a website Tile. Start Menu Reviver doesn’t just let you add desktop and modern applications as tiles, you can also make tiles to quickly access your favorite websites and even your favorite documents.
  • Choose your Start Button. You can easily customize the default Start Button. Start Menu Reviver has many different Start buttons to choose from.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

License: FREE


Size: 6.42 MB


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