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Ashampoo Privacy ProtectorAshampoo Privacy Protector is a compact application that encrypts, decrypts, archives and deletes files with maximum safety. You no longer have to use separate tools that may not play well together. Now you will rely on a single, well-balanced solution that does away with confusing settings and bloated menus in favor of clarity and usability.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers an innovative, combined security approach that includes the proven AES256 encryption, burning the result to any disc and deleting the source files permanently. It also includes a system cleaner that removes files you no longer need from your machine – and it’s customizable too. And you won’t need to remember lengthy passwords.

Simply plug in a flash drive to hold the automatically generated master key and you have a handy, mobile password safe to carry around.

You can also use your files, e.g. images, as password keys and rid your world entirely of passwords. If you need to email your files, simply click to create an email with the proper attachment.

Ashampoo Privacy ProtectorAshampoo Privacy Protector highlights:

  • Maximum AES256 encryption
  • Built-in email and burning support, also to high-security discs
  • Use flash drives or individual files as password key
  • Delete sensitive data permanently and irrevocably
  • Archive data for up to 1000 years with M-DISC technology
  • Create self-extracting archives for use with any Windows PC
  • Delete usage traces to protect your privacy

If you data security is at stake, just encrypt and archive your files with Ashampoo Privacy Protector.

With the built-in M-DISC support, your data will last up to 1000 years. Thanks to their unique surface, these discs will stand the test of time unlike ordinary recordables that experience data loss after just a few years. Privacy Protector fully supports this innovative technology to provide you with a long-term option for data archiving. M-DISCs are available online or at your local retailers.

Delete files permanently

The secure deletion of source files is part of any decent backup strategy – an area where Windows fails miserably. Ashampoo Privacy Protector comes with a deletion tool that overwrites deleted files with random values rendering them virtually unrecoverable even for specialists, which means that anything deleted stays deleted for ever. Ashampoo Privacy Protector will not fail you whether you are selling used hard disks or trying to protect your intellectual property.

Maximum security without passwords

If it is hard for you to remember your passwords, you can simply use one of your files as password key. If you want to make it even easier, just use any of your flash drives as a safe to store your security keys and to decrypt your files. Moreover, you can even use a photo of your choice as key. In this way, your file can only be decrypted by someone with the same photo and the knowledge that is was used as key.

Professional trace removal included

You’re leaving traces all the time you’re surfing the web. Ashampoo Privacy Protector finds and eliminates any traces that may help create a profile of you or your work thoroughly and efficiently. Any program remains or temporary files (that may take up several gigabytes of space) are deleted to protect your privacy and free valuable disk space.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


Size: 19.93 MB

DOWNLOAD Ashampoo Privacy Protector (DC 11.04.2017)

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