Norton Password Manager 6.5.0 for Android

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Norton Password Manager DOWNLOAD (Norton Identity Safe Password Generator)Norton Password Manager (formerly Norton Identity Safe) allows you to create complex passwords and store them along with your credit card and other information in an encrypted online vault.

This app makes logging into your favorite web sites easier, faster and more secure. It is an easy and secure password manager across browsers and devices.

Norton Password Manager integrates with your Internet browser and helps you safeguard sensitive login information. Your user names and passwords are always available to you – even if you decide to change browsers. That helps quickly and securely log in to your favorite sites from computers, iOS and Android mobile devices anywhere you go.

Norton Password Manager can auto-fill your addresses, credit cards, frequent flyer numbers and much more. Securely saves notes and quickly find them when you need them. Unlike most password managers, Norton Password Manager lets you know if a site is safe or not before you visit it. And, it warns you of and blocks malicious sites.

Norton Password Manager Features:

  • Helps securely store your passwords in an encrypted vault that only you can access
  • Built-in browser stores and helps fill-in your information
  • Saves addresses and credit cards for faster online checkout
  • Helps you create complex passwords with a built-in password generator
  • Stores frequent flyer numbers and other password-protected notes
  • Secure mobile PIN lets you access your Vault even faster from your Android devices
  • Helps prevent phishing and malicious sites from capturing your keystrokes.

Changes in Norton Password Manager 6.5.0 for Android:

  • Bug Fixes

Operating System Requirements: Android 4.4 or later.

Size: 38.3 MB

DOWNLOAD for Android

DOWNLOAD for Microsoft Edge (Windows and macOS)

DOWNLOAD for Chrome (Windows and macOS)

DOWNLOAD for Firefox (Windows and macOS)


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