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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE hard drive data recovery software FULL VERSIONEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. Lots of companies have to keep saving huge amounts of data on a daily basis on storage devices so they keep trying to increase storage by removing previous data. This leads to the loss of important data every day. Now that every process and aspect of companies is computerized, data recovery has become possible. It is possible but not easy at all. Data recovery requires an IT professional and excellent software but most software isn’t reliable and quick. This is where the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE comes in to help.

What does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE do differently?

Apart from recovering deleted and missing files, it helps in accessing the damaged and corrupted parts of the device as well. A lot of IT professionals rely on their ability to recover data from devices as well as servers. It is very easy and suitable for professionals as well as people who aren’t IT magicians; just a few clicks away and anyone can recover lost data quite easily. You can check all the following features to get to know more about it.

Features EaseUS offers

  • Complete network access
  • Quick Scan
  • Thorough deep scan
  • Complete hard drive scan
  • Sorts files
  • Bootable media in case of crashing
  • Corrupted and deleted partition recovery
  • External drive recovery (SD cards, storage devices, drives, etc.)
  • Supports various file types
  • Supports MAC and Windows operating system
  • Works on iPhone and Android phones as well
  • Various pricing plans with various features
  • Trial version with up to 2GB of data recovery provided
  • Cloning also provided

As mentioned above, this disk recovery software is quite promising and different from others as it delivers results instantly. From big companies to small businesses, it proved to be useful in recovering any form of data at any time.

What’s the process of data recovery?

  1. As soon as the application opens, you have to select a location for a scan.
  2. You can either choose a windows partition or library or an external device. EaseUS will also display the corrupted or deleted partitions as well.
  3. Just select a partition and click on ‘Scan’.
  4. EaseUS will first perform a quick scan and then a deep scan.
  5. Once the scanning is completed, you can preview recovered files and search for them.
  6. Deleted files will be in the recycle bin.
  7. Recovering just requires a simple click. Choose a recovery location and click the recover button. This will immediately recover content and preview them to you.
  8. The ‘Preview’ button displays the file you’ve selected as well as the files that are present.
  9. The ‘Export’ button makes it easy to save recovered files to your desired location.

The process being so smooth and easy to use for everyone, EaseUS is more capable than many data recovery platforms present now. With its extensive features, its ability to switch from a quick recovery scan to a deep scan in seconds, its capacity to recover data from external sources like servers, RAID storage, etc., and still provide comprehensiveness with such intransigent features makes it the ideal data recovery software.

This data recovery software is also used for locating and transferring all important files to a safe location, before the formatting of a computer or mobile. Thus, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE is gaining popularity very fast among all users of computers and mobiles.

Restore your important data easily with EaseUS data recovery software. You will not be disappointed with the results. By the way, EaseUS Making 50% off of the Pro version now. You can get it at the lowest price now.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FREE hard drive data recovery software full version to recover files lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting, partition loss, software crash, virus infection, etc.


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