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Top Highest Paying Microsoft Certifications 2018-2019Today, Microsoft products and services are used by a lot of organizations across the world. In order to equip the professionals with skills and knowledge of its products and services, the company offers the relevant certificates. It worth mentioning that Microsoft is one of the top certification providers in the world of IT. However, before you choose a credential offered by this vendor, it is essential to know the specific one that meets your career needs. There are various certification tracks offered by Microsoft but there are some that are very much in demand by other companies. These credentials also promise high income. In this guide, we take a close look at the different Microsoft certificates that give you an opportunity as far as remuneration is a concern.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder (MCSD: App Builder)

This credential validates the skills and knowledge needed to develop and implement modern mobile and web applications. There are over 1 million jobs requiring the expertise of a software/application developer in the USA, and it is anticipated that this will continue to grow. The job title of a professional with MCSD: App Builder is an Application/Software Developer, and the average salary is $108,520 per annum. This is based on a report from the United States Bureau & Labor Statistics. This certificate doesn’t require recertification. However, the credential date shows how well committed you are to staying abreast of trends in the world of technology. You have the opportunity to re-earn the certificate to consistently validate your knowledge and skills.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Data Engineering with Azure (MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure)

This credential proves your knowledge and skills in designing and building operational solutions and analytics on Azure. It also demonstrates the relevant knowledge and skills in the execution of big data engineering workflows on HDInsight. The job titles associated with MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure includes a Database Analyst, a Business Intelligence Analyst, and a Database Designer. The average annual salary of a business intelligence analyst is $66,000. It is important to mention that the salary varies significantly depending on geography and company. With skills such as data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence, and data modeling, a professional can earn more. Thespecialistswith this certification can get about $108,150.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2016 (MCSA: Windows Server 2016)

This credential is focused on the skills and knowledge required to reduce costs and increase value. The professionals with MCSA: Windows Server 2016 can take up a job role as a System Administrator, and they have the potential to earn around $108,150 per year. However, to earn so much, you must develop your abilities and gain some experience. Generally, you should have at least five years of work experience and have skills in Virtual Machines, VMware ESX, Windows 2003 Server, network management, Microsoft SQL Server, and Internet Information Server. On average, you can get between $44,000 and $95,000 with this Microsoft certificate.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure (MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure)

This credential validates that you have the required skills and knowledge needed to operate a modern data center. The candidates with this credential have expertise in system management, identity management, cloud technologies, storage and networking, and virtualization. With MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, you can take up different job roles, including Cloud Architect, a Cloud Administrator, an Information Security Analyst, and Computer Support Specialist. The average annual salary of a professional Cloud solution architect is $107,900 while a Cloud administrator earns $70,000. The annual income of a computer support specialist is $42,800 averagely, and an information security analyst gets about $70,000. The certification is retired now.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Linux on Azure (MCSA: Linux on Azure)

This credential shows that its holders have the required skills to design, implement, maintain, and architect multifaceted Cloud-enabled Linux solutions while leveraging Microsoft Azure open-source capabilities. As an MCSA: Linux on Azure certified professional, a person can work as a Linux Systems Administrator with an average annual salary of $73,000. However, it is required to have some skills and be in your middle or late-career stage to earn a high salary (about $107,000 per annum). Some skills you need include virtualization, storage area networking, shell scripting, automation scripting, Python, Puppet, Perl, and VMWare ESX. The certificate is not available now.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Mobility (MCSE: Mobility)

This credential demonstrates the skills needed to administer devices in a modern workplace with BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policy. With MCSE: Mobility, it is possible to have job roles such as an Enterprise Architect and a Desktop Support Technician. An enterprise architect can earn $128,000. However, they need up to 19 years of work experience and skills in Java/J2EE, Enterprise Application Integration, Software Architecture, Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Solutions, System Architecture, and Strategy Development to be able to get that much. The certificate is now retired.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Dynamics 365 for Operations (MCSA: Dynamics 365 for Operations)

This credential verifies your skills in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies to execute basic techniques and develop tasks needed to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for business operations. Job titles for MCSA: Dynamics 365 for Operations include a Solutions Implementer and a Solutions Architect. A solutions architect has proven capabilities in Java/J2EE, Cloud computing, Java, and network design/architecture. The average annual salary of such a professional is $114,000 per annum.


The Microsoft certifications guarantee a rewarding career for the professionals in the industry. The potentials are endless, and you can explore numerous opportunities with your credential. To earn a Microsoft certificate, you have to meet some prerequisites, which include passing specific exams. It is important to mention that the Microsoft tests require rigorous preparation, and you must be ready to spend some time and money. But your preparation process can be pleasant and effective if you choose the ExamSnap website. However, if you are able to cross the hurdles of passing the exam, the rewards are limitless.

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Microsoft products and services are used by a lot of organizations across the world. In order to equip the professionals with skills and knowledge of its products and services.

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