UltimateZip 9.0.1 Build 51

Archive, encrypt, share and shrink your files


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UltimateZipUltimateZip 9 is a perfect compression utility that supports a wide variety of archive types, creates self-extracting archives, integrates with mail and virus scan, and integrates with Windows Explorer.

UltimateZip has you all the features you need to archive, encrypt, share and shrink your files and documents. With it’s the flexible and intuitive user interface, UltimateZip is easy to use for first-time users and offers many useful features for power users.

UltimateZip perfectly integrates into the Windows Explorer, creating or extracting is just one mouse click.

UltimateZip 9.0 is extremely fast and easy to use. Even first-time users can create or extract archives of any kind in seconds.

UltimateZip has a highly optimized ZIP/7-ZIP engine, with its Multi-Core Support the complete power of your computer will be used.

  • Superior support for ZIP, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, RAR, LHA, and many more formats.
  • Ultimate Zip is 100% Portable, take it anywhere on your USB-Stick.
  • Multi-Core Optimization makes Ultimate Zip lightning fast.
  • Ultimate Zip comes with a Unicode compatible Multi-Language Interface.
  • UAC Elevation gives you the freedom to create and extract archives anywhere.

UltimateZip Key Features

  • Superior ZIP and ZIPX Support. UltimateZip can create and extract ZIP and ZIPX files. It is very fast in creating and extracting. UltimateZip’s Zip-Engine is highly optimized.
  • Superior 7-Zip Support. UltimateZip completely supports the new 7-Zip Format (including the new LZMA2 Method).
  • Multiple Formats Support. UltimateZip supports most popular compressed and encoded formats currently in use. Create, open and extract ZIP, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, LHA (LZH), CAB, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XXE, UUE, and MIME (Base 64) files. Open and extract: RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, and ZOO.
  • Portable. Ultimate Zip is 100% portable. You can take it anywhere on your USB-Stick and run it anywhere on any Computer.
  • UAC Elevation. Create and extract archives anywhere on your computer, even in directories like “Program Files”.
  • Integrated View and Preview feature. The integrated View /Preview feature supports more than 100 file types including the most common graphics and office formats. It is possible to view files inside archives without extracting them. The viewer supports syntax highlighting for the most common programming languages.
  • Strong Encryption. UltimateZip comes with full support for WinZip AES standard(128-bit/192-bit/256-bit AE-1 & AE-2) and offers strong file encryption with the UZE encryption format(AES-258, Twofish).

Other More Features

  • Multi-Core Support. Ultimate Zip supports Multi-Core processors and improves the speed while adding files.
  • ZIP and ZIPX Repair. Repair broken ZIP and ZIPX files.
  • Automated Backups. With the built-in backup wizard, it’s very easy for you to backup your important data.
  • Self-Extracting Archives. Create Self-Extracting Archives for ZIP, ZIPX, and 7-ZIP format. The SFX files support AES Encryption.
  • Windows Integration. Ultimate Zip is possible to create, extract or mail archives without leaving the Explorer and “Drag & Drop” from and to the Explorer.
  • Command Line Tools. Ultimate Zip comes with a full set of command line tools. All important archive operations can be done via command line.
  • Batch compress. Batch compress support: Compress multiple files to multiple archives.
  • Batch extract support. Extract multiple archives with only one mouse click.
  • Checkout feature. To examine or run files in an archive.
  • Zip Comments. View and edit Zip comments.
  • Integrity test. Test your archives for errors.

System requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2012, 2016, Internet Explorer 8 or newer.

Changes in UltimateZip 9.0

  • Improved Support for Windows 10
  • Improved Support for Windows 8.1
  • UltimateZip CloudManager support for Box added
  • UnRar Dll updated
  • French Help file added
  • Some Minor bug fixes
  • Some internal improvements

Size: 7.66 MB

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