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Explorer Commander download for windowsExplorer Commander is a two or four-panel file manager application. It allows a fundamental part of Windows operating systems, particularly File Explorer to work equally as professional file manager programs while retaining the benefits of File Explorer.

A benefit of Microsoft File Explorer is that it’s a fundamental part of Windows, so it provides environment-friendly access to the file system and the components of installed programs that might be built into the system.

Its main disadvantage is that it doesn’t support multi-panel mode. As a workaround, you may open multiple File Explorer windows, however, this method can also be clumsy.

Explorer Commander offers a multi-panel expansion for Windows Explorer. The application was created using the original explorer.exe process. This process performs varied tasks, e.g. Windows shell, File Explorer, etc. These tasks may as properly be carried out by particular person processes. They have been in all probability included right into a single combined process because of compatibility reasons.

Features of Explorer Commander:

  • Explorer Commander download for windowsTwo- or four-panel layout
  • Horizontal or vertical layout in case of two-panel mode
  • Enables to set the display proportion of panels
  • The place of panels will be swapped
  • Enables the content of panels to open in File Explorer
  • When started, it opens with the libraries which correspond to the last exit or the saved state
  • It supports a dark/light theme under Windows 10
  • It may run within the background
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Free to use

Changes in Explorer Commander

  • Add: Russian language

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Size: 417 KB

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