FreeCommander XE 2021 Build 840

Windows file manager program

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FreeCommander XE 2021FreeCommander XE 2021 is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with everyday work in Windows. Here you possibly can find all the required features to handle your data inventory.

You can take FreeCommander XE 2021 wherever and you’ll even work with this program on a foreign computer. Just copy the installation directory on a CD or USB-Stick –

FreeCommander XE 2021 is a dual-panel file explorer with many features. In addition to the standard file management features, it may be used to check directories, display folder sizes, synchronize folders, and more.

The program can even open/create ZIP and CAB files, and open RAR files in addition to search inside these archives. You can set view filters, create a folder list (for printing), change file attributes, launch a command prompt, take a desktop screenshot, and more.

Main features in FreeCommander XE 2021

  • The interface of FreeCommander is user-friendly and adaptable
  • Two panels which can be organized next to one another or amongst one another
  • For every panel, you possibly can fade in a tree-view
  • Drives choice as combo box or bar
  • FreeCommander has a built-in DOS command prompt
  • Most of the features may begin simply by Shortcuts
  • File names and paths may be copied into the Clipboard
  • Drag and Drop support for the file operations
  • Windows or Norton Commander choice mode
  • The program may be adjusted to its user by numerous options


  • Different views for file lists: list, details, small symbols, large symbols, image preview
  • Display of file symbols (fixed, registered, extracted) is definable
  • File and directory information is proven within the status line
  • File information may be proven as an information tip
  • The displayed files may be sorted by name, size, type, file time, and attributes
  • Several layouts may be saved
  • Tabbed interface can be utilized
  • Access to important system directories
  • Quick access to the Start menu in addition to elements of the desktop and control panel
  • A fast change right into a directory or archive is possible due to directory favorites
  • Additional programs may be included as favorites
  • Type and colors may be modified
  • The intern file viewer allows a fast view of the files within the formats similar to text, hexadecimal, binary, and as pictured

File Management

  • File and directory operations are supported: copy, transfer, delete, rename
  • Wipe file operation is supported
  • Create and confirm MD5 checksums
  • Multi rename function
  • Large files may be divided into smaller parts
  • The context menu and properties of files and directories are displayed
  • The size of directories may be decided
  • Directories may be compared and synchronized
  • File time and file attributes may be modified
  • Timeshift of several files is possible
  • A directory list may be made
  • Supported archive formats: ZIP and others with plugins
  • Files may be compressed
  • Archives may be unpacked
  • The creation of self-extracting files is possible (ZIP)
  • The intern file viewer additionally works in archive files
  • Files may be additionally searched in directories and drives
  • Search for file contents (text) is possible
  • Search in archives is possible
  • Display search matches
  • A fast view of the files out of the matches list is possible

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – 32 or 64 Bit
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 MB hard disk memory
  • 1024×768 display resolution

FreeCommander XE Screenshots

Size: 11.6 MB

DOWNLOAD FreeCommander XE 2021 Build 840

DOWNLOAD FreeCommander XE 2021 Build 840 with Help File

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