FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740

FreeCommander XE 2017FreeCommander XE 2017 is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock.

You can take FreeCommander XE 2017 anywhere and you can even work with this program on a foreign computer. Just copy the installation directory on a CD or USB-Stick.

FreeCommander XE 2017 is a dual-panel file explorer with many features. In addition to the standard file management features, it can be used to compare directories, display folder sizes, synchronize folders and more…

The program can also open/create ZIP and CAB files, and open RAR files as well as search inside those archives. You can set view filters, create folder list (for printing), change file attributes, launch a command prompt, take a desktop screenshot and more.

Main features in FreeCommander XE 2017:

  • Dual-panel technology – horizontal and vertical (one panel possible too)
  • Tabbed interface
  • Full access to desktop
  • Optional tree view for each panel
  • Built-in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format
  • File viewer and thumbnail view inside archives too
  • Built-in archive handling: ZIP (read, write)
  • Nested archive handling
  • Plugins for other archive (RAR, 7z, …)
  • Plain view – structureless view for files and folders
  • Linked browsing
  • Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu
  • Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders (alternatively as Windows or FreeCommander operation)
  • Drag&drop
  • File searching (inside archive too)
  • Create and verify MD5 checksums
  • Wipe files
  • Multi rename tool
  • File properties and context menu
  • Calculation of folder size
  • Folder comparison
  • Folder synchronization
  • Modification of file date and attributes
  • Folder / program favorites
  • File filters (regexp possible too) for display and file operations
  • User defined columns for detailed views
  • DOS command line
  • Quick viewer
  • Quick search
  • Quick filter
  • Quick starter
  • Screenshots
  • All shortcuts are definable
  • A lot of settings – you can configure almost all
  • Multiple language support

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Changes in FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740:

Bug Fixes:

  • Search profile doesn’t retain Timestamp “Not older option”
  • Main window is always hidden if starting FreeCommander with the options “Minimize to system tray” and “Start minimized”
  • ‘[‘ and ‘]’ does not works in quick filter
  • Invert selection – the first element of the list is not selected if no parent folder ‘..’ is visible in the file list
  • The column titles may be not translated if the option “Start minimized” is active
  • Locked tab “D:\My Folder” with “Navigation to subfolders” – navigation is possible to “D:\My Folder is locked”
  • “Save container to file…” broken
  • On some PCs all timestamps shows as 1899.12.30 00:00
  • Active layout is not checked in menu if more as 10 layouts defined
  • Settings->General “Start minimized” option broken
  • Selection problem fixed
  • Checked state is initial not visible on splitter button
  • FTP connections are not listed if connection name has special chacter (e.g. German ö,ä,ü,…)
  • When changing folders in network shares, when you go back one level up, the cursor jumps to the top
  • Drop folder to Deskop button – the content of the folder is dropped but not the folder self
  • Customized button caption (toolbar buttons) is ignored for layouts and favorites
  • Splitter position is not restored after hiding/opening inactive panel (F10)
  • The state of “go to the next history item” toolbar botton is not changed
  • Item list Icons do not follow Item list Names upon change of sort type
  • Actions “Set active panel to X%” broken
  • Plain views icons do not toggle when in address bar
  • Selection in NC-Mode broken
  • Folder size consolidation toggle (“KB”) unpredictable state
  • Del key issue with rename in “Favorites – edit…”
  • Search result: Open location shortcut changed to original value – Space (Shift+Space supported too)
  • Linked browsing broken on the way “up”
  • The main window opens on the primary monitor although closed on the second monitor – only if maximized
  • Folder synchronize problems
  • Unwanted selection in NC-Mode
  • “Auto add wildcards” option in quick filter is broken
  • New folder should allow path with more than one directory
  • “Quick viewer size by file type” option broken for jpg files
  • Thumbnails may be false if using refresh function or if switching tabs with thumbnails view
  • Multirename dialog – not correctly displayed for bigger fonts (150%) if profiles defined
  • Compare folders is broken if UNC path is used
  • Toolbar position is not saved if using “Tools->Save settings”
  • Wrong tab order in “Define favorite toolbars” dialog
  • Delete button not working in Laouts edit dialog
  • Maximized/normal state of the main window not correctly restored in layouts
  • Popup menu is not showing by drop on address bar although the setting for showing popup menu is active
  • Show/hide main menu in the status bar context menu doesn’t work always
  • Exception on closing of the layout dialog
  • Incorrect file name suggested in Pack files dialog
  • Favorites set dialog – rename does not work
  • FTP – set timestamp for the uploaded file does not work
  • File container – many problems solved
  • Tree position is not correct restored when “Show menu as toolbar” active is (only if main window is maximized)
  • Tree is not refreshed if context menu delete command is used
  • View option for favorite folder does not work always
  • Toggle betwwen current and thumbnail view (Ctrl+I) does not work properly if folder was changed
  • Exception if you try to open folder in the file container but the folder does not exist
  • Quick viewer resize problem if “top” is used for “Align in panel”
  • Exception on some PCs, e.g. on usb drive add/remove (introduced in 731)
  • Deleting the folder in the tree causes error messages
  • File names may be not fully visible on high DPI screen
  • Command line option “-Layout=” does not work if one instance option is active
  • Color items by predefined filter does not work properly


  • It is possible now to add: Layouts, Favorite tools, Favorites and Drives to action toolbars. Only items with assigned shortcut works in action toolbar.
  • New method Copy/Move operation performed by FC added (Vista+ only)
  • New tree option “Keep expanded nodes if tree per Tab”
  • Sorting by Windows columns improved (“Data type” added to the column definition )
  • Elevation prompt (admin rights) will be showed for unpack operation if needed
  • New Option in search dialog – Run in external process
  • Middle button click on favorite item in toolbar opens favorite target folder in new tab
  • Delete operation improved; option “Use Vista+ delete method” added
  • Loading of network shares improved
  • New command line option added -StartMinimized
  • Address bar edit field – accept button added
  • FTP – unicode support added
  • New option in the search form – Use left/right for “Open location”
  • Attributes/Timestamp dialog – new options for “Set timestamp as in target folder” added: “Created from Modified” and “Modified from Created”
  • Favorite items edit dialog – shortcuts for rename, delete, up, down added
  • Icons for favorite tools now loaded in background (important for not existend or slow network paths )
  • Click on button with the folder in the favorite tools toolbar – added Ctrl+Click (open folder in new tab), Alt+Click (open folder in the opposite pane), Ctrl+Alt+Click (open folder in new tab in the opposite pane)
  • Click on folder in the favorite folders tree – added Ctrl+Click (open folder in new tab), Alt+Click (open folder in the opposite pane), Ctrl+Alt+Click (open folder in new tab in the opposite pane)
  • Click on folder in system folder popup menu – added Ctrl+Click (open folder in new tab)
  • New options for “Select with mouse pointer” added – Action by click on free space in label, action by click on item icon (these options was till now available only in freecommander.ini )
  • Left click in the free area of the address bar start the editing if the option “Show history popup menu on free area click” is not set
  • Additional option for auto size of the ‘Name’ column – Fill remaining space
  • Operations queue for operations (“Use FreeCommander” operations)
  • New action added “Paste address from clipboard and reload” Shift+Alt+G
  • Main menu item added Edit->Address bar
  • Mouse “Snap to” implemented
  • Searching in the office files (docx, xlsx, odt)
  • Option to set in the freecommander.ini: CopyFullPath_AddLastDelimiter=0 – set the value to 1 if you want to add trailing backslash if copy folder paths to clipboard
  • New action added “Toggle toolbars visibility”
  • Favorite folder sets
  • New option added “Always perform copy operation for left button drag&drop”
  • Last position of the layout dialog will be saved
  • Doubleclick on the line in the layout dialog perform “Apply” command
  • ‘Settings->Shell Menu’ – options for adding “Open with Freecommander” item to shell context menu
  • New option “Show basket icon” for splitter toolbar added
  • New command line option added (set active panel to left/top or right/bottom) “-Panel=L” or “-Panel=R”
  • New thumbnail size added (512)


  • Last selected layout is marked as checked (till now – only if “Auto save current layot” was active)
  • Deley befor opening of the rename dialog removed
  • Multirename – mouse scrolling in the fields is allowed now only if the mouse cursor is in the filed
  • Settings dialog – OK, Cancel, Apply buttons moved to the right site of the dialog
  • Quick search support special characters
  • Splitter toolbar should be visible if hot spot buttons are used
  • Mouse wheel scroll for details view follows now Windows settings
  • Click on basket icon in splitter loads the Bin Tray in the active panel
  • Subfolder filter in search dialog simplified
  • Modifications for high resolution screens
  • Suppress message when global shortcut can not be registered (only if second or further program instance is started)
  • Redirect Win+E to FreeCommander now permanent and not only per sesion

License : Freeware


Size: 6.41 MB

Download FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740

Download FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 with Help File

Download FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 Portable

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