SSD Migration Kit 7.1.36 Professional


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O&O SSD Migration KitO&O SSD Migration Kit 7 enables an easy and convenient migration of your partitions (drives) from conventional hard drives to SSDs (Solid State Drives). It means, this leads to the creation of a duplicate of the selected drives on the SSD or on a drive of the SSD.

The software automatically checks whether the target drive is an SSD and realigns the partitions of the image on this type of data volume during the duplication of a partition.

It does that without data loss, for 100% performance. If a partition or an entire hard disk is duplicated on a SSD, the partitions need to be adapted and aligned to the structures of the SSD.

If this doesn’t happen, the SSD is simply overwritten with information from the old hard drive and the misalignment of the partition might cause a performance loss of up to 50%.

In addition, the life span of the SSD is shortened, since you now save new data on the SSD, which needs more space than necessary in deleting and rewriting than normally.

Note: Migrations with the O&O SSD Migration Kit can also be reversed, because the information on the source drive is not deleted, but only made unrecognizable.


Size: 23.71 MB

DOWNLOAD O&O SSD Migration Kit 7.1 Build 36 Professional Edition

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