NTLite 2.1.2 Build 8074

Windows configuration tool for IT Professionals and Enthusiasts

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NTLite DOWNLOAD FREEWARENTLite is the cutting-edge Windows configuration and supreme customization tool. You can modify your present Windows setup or an image however to be deployed.

NTLite permits you to take away Windows components that you do not need or will need to have put in.

Also, you’ll configure and mix, tempo up the Windows deployment course, and have all of it set for the next time. Easily mix software program installers, scripts, registry tweaks, or raw directions. Provide a silent swap and routinely run the equipment installer post-setup.

All the important warnings, pending modifications, and operations are launched on a single web page for a quick overview sooner than making use of those modifications. NTLite can gather a bunch of machine hardware records and use them in all of its options.


Intuitive interface

Built with express consideration on ease of use with the intention to focus on additional important points around customization choices. Dynamic menus, easy image mount overview, single-file settings, and loads of additional particulars help you to be additional productive.

Live arrange modifications

Featuring a live edit mode, a novel feature allowing you to vary already deployed Windows without re-installation. Simply run NTLite on it, modify corresponding to you’ll image, and reboot if compulsory; on-the-spot outcomes.

Component Removal

Reduce Windows footprint in your RAM and storage drive memory. Remove components of your choice, guarded by compatibility security mechanisms, which tempo up discovering that sweet spot.

Hardware Targeting

The {{hardware}} objective pointers are a really helpful feature. It permits you to see prematurely for any missing drivers on the following deployment sooner than making use of modifications. This means that you can objective one different machine when preparing an image whereas making an attempt to realize the minimal deployment measurement.

The driver, Update and Language pack Integration

Easily mix a single or quite a few drivers, updates, or language packages. Package integration options-wise sorting. It means that you can seamlessly add packages for integration and the tool will apply them throughout the acceptable order, conserving hotfix compatibility in confirm.


Easily change quite a few Windows settings in your live setup or an image. Pre-configure Windows Features.

Unattended Setup

Windows Unattended feature assists, providing many typically used decisions on a single web page for easy setup. Multiple-choice decisions are launched with reliable entries, with no typing compulsory. There is an option to fill all the entries with the current Host machine information, allowing for a fast setup.

Changes in NTLite 2.1.2 Build 8074:


  • Settings: Win11 ‘TPM and SecureBoot setup requirement’ option (Make sure to apply to boot.wim, read description)
  • Updates: Windows 11 Express Update CAB+PSF (Patch Storage File) integration support
  • Components: ‘Windows Animation Manager’ 32 and 64-bit removals, 64-bit needed on Win8.1 and 10
  • General: /AppendPreset switch option, to load additional common settings from command-line
  • General: /ThreadMax switch option, to limit maximum CPU usage from command-line


  • Components: ‘Windows PushToInstall Service’ split from Store, removal does not break Store
  • Components: ‘Cumulative Update cache’ always listed for removal as a placeholder for integration in the same session
  • Post-setup: CompactOS template moved to User box, and added the LZX option for deeper compression
  • Updates: Simplified update cache subdirectory names for Win10 (“10.0.”->”10.”). Supports old paths if pre-exist
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for Chinese Simplified (Gskening), French (tistou77), Italian (gabritb01), Polish (KrzysioZ)


  • Components: ‘Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin’ detached from ‘Azure Active Directory, only former needed for Store sign-in
  • Components: Telemetry removal hanging setup for older Win10 versions, same like disable tweak was doing
  • Source: Improved status bar Windows version display for loaded Server editions
  • Presets: Not lowercasing preset file paths anymore, it was a regression since the directory subscription feature
  • Updates: Win10 20H2 update list auto-select

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Especially related, it would not require .NET Framework or one other addition to run beneath supported working methods.

Size: 18 MB

DOWNLOAD NTLite 2.1.2 Build 8074 (32-bit)

DOWNLOAD NTLite 2.1.2 Build 8074 (64-bit)

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