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Ashampoo Snap 10.0.4 / Business

Ashampoo Snap
Ashampoo Snap 10 enables users to capture with pixel perfect accuracy, edit and share screen contents either as single images or videos. The application comes with powerful image editing capabilities. Ashampoo Snap 10 is the ideal screenshot and video recording solution for your PC. Capture anything you see on your screen. For example, the images or videos and add additional information, e.g. texts or arrows. A picture is worth a thousand words – if it is done well! Use the integrated text recognition to copy entire pages of text or share your processed images with friends and family. Whether you need to explain, document or simply demonstrate – Snap 10 is always the best choice! …
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Ashampoo Snap 2018 10.0.4

Ashampoo Snap 2018
Ashampoo Snap 2018 enables users to capture, edit and share screen contents either as single shots or as videos with images being fully editable within the program. Apart from common photo correction tasks, Ashampoo Snap 2018 also offers various tools to add additional information or draw attention to details with arrows and other markers. This makes it easy to visualize complex affairs. Completed images and videos can be emailed from within the application. Ashampoo Snap 2018 is the ideal solution to produce high-quality, informative screenshots. Now supports 4K resolution, multi-monitor setup and all the latest browsers. Furthermore, the emailed images can now be resized automatically. The new video capture bar makes it easy to make …
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Ashampoo UnInstaller 7.00.00

Ashampoo UnInstaller
Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 is the ideal solution for all removal, cleaning and maintenance operations on your PC and the all-in-one user interface paired with seamless Windows integration will transform otherwise tedious tasks into a pleasant experience. Ashampoo UnInstaller uses clever real-time technology to monitor system changes during program installations. This way, Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 can completely remove monitored installations including otherwise orphaned files and registry entries. For even better results, Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 comes with additional cleaning tools to remove redundant registry entries and clean your drives. Besides completely removing your programs, Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 provides multiple additional maintenance and administrative tools to keep your system fast, clean and responsive. Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 Feature highlights: Uninstall …
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Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19
Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 is a powerful application to burn data, movies, music and files to all common disc types. It is the multimedia genius for your movies and photos – the #1 choice to burn, backup and convert your files. The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 is a proven suite of tools for all burning-related tasks. Burn music, movies and data in almost any format and quickly copy or rip audio CDs. A comprehensive multimedia section gives users everything they need to create slideshows, auto-play discs or complex movie projects with custom menus, individually cut opening and end credits. With support for a multitude of formats such as MPEG-4, H.264 and AAC, results will …
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Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.0.0

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16
Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is the comprehensive solution to view, edit and organize your photos with included geotagging. Bring order to your collection, optimize multiple images in one go and create calendars, photo cards and entire slideshows with ease. Control and navigate through your slideshows on your PC while the slides appear on an external display or beamer! The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 will amaze you right off the bat! The modern user interface will quickly learn your favorite features and adapt itself accordingly for quicker access. With just a few clicks, beginners, amateurs and professionals alike will achieve stunning results. Slideshow images now appear in stunning 4K resolution and panorama feature will steal …
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15.00.05

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 is the Windows optimization tool for a permanent speed and security boost. It removes junk files, fixes system errors and maximizes the performance and stability of your PC. The updated three popular cleaners noew support the latest browsers and auto-cleaning to rid your machine of browsing traces, temporary files (Java, Flash etc.) and installation leftovers. Win10 Privacy Control and AntiSpy help guard your privacy by disabling services and system functions that may be used to send out personal information without your knowing or consent. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 can also effectively manage your Autostart applications, system services and processes. The tweaking module lets you customize the look and feel of your Windows to …
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Ashampoo Droid Optimizer 2.0.1

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer
Ashampoo Droid Optimizer will boost your smartphone performance and free memory at the click of a button. This application will give your Android device more memory, more speed – free and without ads! Browsing the Internet with your smartphone leaves various traces that can be used to violate your privacy. And let’s face it, do you really know all the time what device permissions your installed apps have? Get rid of Internet traces and expose potential spy apps with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. Installed apps, downloaded files, photos, music, videos – over time, your smartphone will become cluttered and slow. Declutter your phone and reclaim disk space with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. Cleaning doesn’t have to be …
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Ashampoo Music Studio 2018

Ashampoo Music Studio 2018Ashampoo Music Studio 2018
Ashampoo Music Studio 2018 is a proven software solution to rip, organize, edit and produce your music files. It is an all-in-one solution for music and audio files. The program comes with everything to record, edit, convert and burn your files. Ripping audio CDs is straightforward with automatic naming and cover search and now even faster thanks to Quick Rip. Ashampoo Music Studio 2018 also includes tools to organize entire music collections with uniform naming schemes and locations. Editing is another core strength of the program. Converting, splitting, analyzing and normalizing audio files has never been easier. User can cut and edit audio on up to three separate tracks and benefit from a clearer and …
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Ashampoo ClipFinder HD 2.51 Full Version

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD
Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is the ultimate clip browser with a breathtaking video wall and MP3 conversion from videos! Find, view, save and convert web videos in HD or SD! Search in up to fifteen video portals at once or in selected portals, view videos directly and convert and save them to your hard disk with a single click. Nothing makes finding, viewing, saving and managing web videos easier. And Ashampoo ClipFinder HD isn’t just better, it’s also still completely free. Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is a like a 3D web browser. You just enter search words in the Search bar and the search results from up to 15 video portals are displayed as clip thumbnails in …
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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 4.1.0

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 4
Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 4 is a 3D house planning tool that covers every step from the design to the construction phase. Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 4 enables users to design, furnish and visualize their dream home, extension or redecoration on their PCs. The integrated project wizard combined with multiple automatic features helps users get started quickly and greatly facilitates complex calculations. The extensive object catalog covers everything from furniture to electrical appliances and decorations. Every aspect of construction planning is covered. The impressive 3D view supports virtual tours to survey buildings already in the planning phase. This software comes with professional-quality walls, ceilings, windows, doors, recesses, skylights, solar panels, chimneys as well as electrical …
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