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DoNotSpy10 is the world’s first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its easy user interface allows you to handle how Windows 10 respects its privacy.

Microsoft introduces many new “diagnostic” features with Windows 10. These services help Microsoft acquire usage data and thus provide a greater service. However, gathering and sharing your data with one of many world’s leading technology corporations places your privacy in danger.

Some services might be capable of recording your keyboard input, your speech, and some other actions of the user. Others share your WiFi credentials along with your contact or connect you to networks shared by your contacts.

DoNotSpy10 provides you with the chance to simply handle what you wish to share and whatnot. While most of the settings signify what you possibly can configure using Settings and various apps. There are additional tweaks that aren’t simply accessible by way of the apps Windows provides.

DoNotSpy10 combines them all in one application – it’s time to protect your privacy, let’s begin!

DoNotSpy10 Current Features:

  • Disable Telemetry
  • Disable Biometrics
  • Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
  • Disable Handwriting Error Reporting
  • Disable Application Telemetry
  • Disable Inventory Collector
  • Disable Steps Recorder
  • Disable enabling Lock Screen Camera
  • Disable and Reset Cortana
  • Disable Location
  • Disable Sensors
  • Disable Web Search
  • Disable Windows Media DRM Internet Access
  • Defer Windows Upgrades
  • Disable App Notifications
  • Disable Password Reveal Button
  • Disable and Reset Advertising ID
  • Disable SmartScreen Filter for URLs
  • Disable Sending Writing Info
  • Disable Access to Language List
  • Disable App Access to Location Info
  • Disable App Access to Camera
  • Disable App Access to Microphone
  • Disable Getting to know me
  • Disable App Access to Account Info
  • Disable App Access to Calendar
  • Disable App Access to Messages
  • Disable App Access to Radios
  • Disable Sync With Devices
  • Disable Windows Feedback Requests
  • Disable Windows Update Sharing
  • Disable Windows Update for different Products
  • Disable WiFi Sense
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Automatic Windows Updates
  • Disable OneDrive
  • Disable Automatic Driver Update
  • Disable Automatic Windows Store Updates
  • Enable Do Not Track in Edge
  • Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool by way of Windows Update
  • Disable KMS Client Online Validation
  • Disable Retrieving Device Metadata
  • Disable the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • Disable Tips about Windows *new*
  • Disable Start Menu App Suggestions *new*
  • Disable App Access to Call History *new*
  • Disable Search Suggestions in Edge *new*
  • Disable Setting Sync *new*
  • Disable Page Prediction in Edge *new*
  • Disable Adobe Flash Player in Edge *new*

DoNotSpy10 supports Windows 10 and has the German and English user interface (relying on the system language).

Changes in DoNotSpy10 5.3.0:

  • General: Added Support for Windows 10 20H2 (19042)
  • General: Added Support for Windows 10 21H1 (19043)
  • General: Application title shows new names of Windows versions (e.g. 20H2) as a substitute for release numbers
  • General: Added detection for the installed Edge version (Edge Legacy or Edge Chromium). Only shows tweaks for the installed version of Edge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed System Restore Point Creation
  • Bugfix: Help text was not all the time-proven in the right panel
  • Bugfix: Saving a profile saved some tweaks, which weren’t supported by the local Windows version
  • Bugfix: Loading profiles typically loaded the incorrect checked state of the primary tweak
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Synchronization of Data
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Search Suggestions
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Shopping
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Suggestion of Similar Pages on Error
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Spotlight
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Startup Boost
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Configure Do Not Track
  • Tweak added: Edge (Chromium): Disable Full-Tab Promotional Content
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable Cloud Optimized Content
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable Start Menu App Suggestions
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable Suggested Content within the Settings App
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable Windows Welcome Experience
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable Suggestions in Timeline
  • Tweak added: Advertising: Disable My People App Suggestions
  • Tweak removed: Defender: Disable Windows Defender (Microsoft removed this setting in August 2020)
  • Tweak updated: Privacy: Disable Setting Sync (thanks LiteForce!)
  • Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Access to Microphone (modified recommendation to orange)
  • Tweak updated: Apps: Disable Access to Camera (modified recommendation to orange)
  • Tweak updated: Advertising: Disable Start Menu App Suggestions (from build 16299)
  • Tweak updated: Advertising: Disable Suggestions to Get The Most out of Windows
  • Tweak updated: Privacy: Disable Tips about Windows (former tweak worked only on Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions)

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10.

Size: 1.90 MB

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