Internet Accelerator 8.0 (by SpeedConnect)


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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8 is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize and speed up your internet related activities including browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming, online gaming, sending and receiving email. Optimization is applied to several network related parameters, in order to prevent the data fragmentation and to improve the data throughput.

All this translates into a faster internet connection: faster browsing, faster download, faster email. faster online gaming and improved Skype connection. You can use this network optimizer to speed up your Dial-Up Modem, DSL, Cable, Wireless and LAN internet connection.

SpeedConnect can automatically work out the best way to squeeze that extra bit of speed out of your computer”s Internet connection.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator Benefits:

  • FASTER internet connection
  • Browse FASTER
  • Send and receive e-mail FASTER
  • DOWNLOAD and upload files FASTER
  • Play online games FASTER
  • Improve Skype connection
  • NO adware, NO hardware installation
  • NO service subscription, NO monthly fees
  • NO new hardware installation

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator Features:

  • Optimizes all internet connection types
  • User friendly
  • Quick Optimizer option
  • Advanced Customization
  • Tool and Wizards
  • Load/Save Settings
  • Optimization Report
  • Connection Analyzer

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator For Windows 7, Vista and XP.

IMPORTANT! SpeedConnect requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0!


Size: 2.7 MB

DOWNLOAD SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8 NitroFlare

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