Web Browsers

Web Browsers (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

Apple Safari for Windows

Apple Safari
Apple Safari is the fastest, easiest to use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web. It loads web pages faster than ever. It’s the best way to read on the web. This browser works with iCloud across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. And Safari takes advantage of Multi-Touch technology built into these devices. It even checks your spelling and grammar. Apple Safari is a web browser that’s so innovative, you’ll do much more than just browse. The new advanced features in Apple Safari …
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Superbird Browser 55.0.2878.0

Superbird 55 is the alternative to Google Chrome free browser with the special emphasis placed on speed, stability and data security. Compared to other browsers, Superbird surprises with extremely fast site rendering. The browser is based on the open Google Chrome source code and offers all the benefits you already know about Google Chrome, but with the maximum data security since Super bird doesn’t send data user behavior to Google! Compared to Google Chrome, Superbird is not transmitting any data to Google, for example: Installation ID, RLZ identifier, client ID, Visited Websites, etc… This web browser is designed for all …
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GreenBrowser 6.9 Build 1223

GreenBrowser is a multiple windows browser, based on a lot powerful features, such as: AD Filter, Mouse Gesture, Mouse Drag, Auto Fill Form, Auto Scroll, Auto Refresh, Auto Save, Auto Hide, Search Bar, Identity, General Form, Auto Submit Form, Send Key to Page, External Toolbar, Collector. Also, the browser has the usefull tools, such as: Page Manager, Download Manager, Group, Plugin, Skin, Proxy, Start Mode, URL Alias, Quick Key, Link List, Status Bar Setting, Sort Save Page, Clean System, Page Download Control, Page Zoom, Page Background Color, Speed Dial, Top Video Player… You can search something direct in browser: news, …
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WebSite-Watcher 2016 16.3 Business

WebSite-Watcher 2016 is a powerful yet simple website-monitoring tool. It automatically checks web pages for updates and changes. Automate your daily routine, boost your productivity! WebSite-Watcher 2016 perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. If you can work with an email client, you can even work with WebSite-Watcher! Save Time, Stay Informed! The software places you in complete control over what gets checked, when it gets checked, and even how you are notified. WebSite-Watcher 2016 allows you to monitor your favorite websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and effort. This prevents you from visiting …
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Chromodo Browser

Comodo Chromodo Browser
Comodo Chromodo Browser 52 is a fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium technology! This browser not only gives you the complete compliment of features offered by Chromium, it also gives you Comodo’s unsurpassed security and privacy features. This Chromium technology based Browser offers you all of Chrome’s features. In addition, it offers the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Also it gives you a greater level of privacy and includes stronger security features than Chromium technology offers. Chromium technology offers Web users an Internet Browser that surpassed Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Especially …
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Teleport Pro 1.72 (Offline Browser)

Teleport Pro
Teleport Pro is an offline browser, all-purpose high-speed tool for getting data from the Internet. Launch up to ten simultaneous retrieval threads, access password-protected sites, filter files by size and type, search for keywords, and much more. The most fully-featured and robust webspider available, Teleport Pro handles today’s more complex websites flawlessly. Capable of reading HTML5, CSS3, and DHTML, Teleport is the only webspider that really finds all of the files on all of the sites. And with server-side image map exploration, automatic dial-up connecting, Java applet support, variable exploration depths, project scheduling, and relinking abilities, Teleport Pro is quite …
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Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator 9 – Speed, Flexibility and More Security Choices Than Any Other Browser. Based on Firefox, the AOL Netscape Browser options and interface are similar, but brought to a superior level of accessibilty by filling some of the Firefox gaps, such as tabbed browsing, context menus and menu bars. The new Netscape Browser test build runs on two different browsing engines: the Mozilla Foundation’s Gecko engine, which powers up the Mozilla, Firefox and older Netscape browsers, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer engine. Since Navigator 9 is based on the newest Mozilla technologies, there are additional features in Navigator 9 that …
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Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17126 (11.0.9 Update)

Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 11 is fast and fluid, and lets your websites shine and perform just like native applications on your PC. With the recent release of Windows 8.1 Preview, Internet Explorer 11 continues our vision of providing the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 offers the same improved performance, faster page load times, new standards support for next generation sites, and completely revised F12 developer tools. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 delivers the best browsing experience for getting to your sites quickly and using them together …
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RSSOwl 2.2.1 (RSS News feed Reader)

RSSOwl 2 is a free and powerful news feed reader, that collects data from RSS-compliant sites and is called RSS reader or “aggregator”. RSSOwl lets you gather, organize, update, and store information from any compliant source in a convenient, easy to use interface, save selected information in various formats for offline viewing and sharing, and much more. You can easily customize the toolbar in RSSOwl to make actions you commonly use easy to access with a single click. RSSOwl supports a wide range of features that make RSSOwl accessible. This includes reduced colors in high contrast mode, keyboard shortcuts and …
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FeedDemon (RSS Reader)

FeedDemon helps you to simplify the way you read the web! FeedDemon enables you to quickly explore the world of RSS from your desktop without having to visit hundreds of sites. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite, FeedDemon makes RSS as easy to access as your email. The easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information. You can completely customize the way feeds are organized and displayed. Set up custom news watches based on keywords or use the powerful search to find articles. You can even download podcasts and audio …
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