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About Softfully.com

Softfully.com offers daily software giveaways online download free latest via direct download links, … 100% legal, free of spyware, viruses, and other malware.

Softfully.com offers:

  • Daily Software Giveaways Online DOWNLOAD FREE
  • And much more …

With Softfully.com our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest versions of the best software absolutely free.


  • We only provide the best software, we focus on quality, not quantity.
  • We keep only new and stable (final) versions of programs.
  • All software is 100% legal, spyware, and virus-free.
  • Technical details for downloads.
  • RSS feeds for all updates, categories, tags, and for individual programs.

Software Submissions:
We do not take software submissions from publishers. The site is user-focused, we analyze the software market daily for popular software to add.

Contact Us:
We value your ideas and thoughts about Softfully.com, we rely on our users to help us make the site better. If you have any thoughts, problems or suggestions then click here to contact us.