Acronis Ransomware Protection 2.1 Build 1700

Free, battle-tested defense against ransomware

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Acronis Ransomware Protection is a free tool, that delivers confirmed, highly effective protection from ransomware like Petya, WannaCry, and Osiris. And this Acronis software is suitable for all main anti-malware solutions.

This tool makes use of technology that monitors your system in real-time, distinguishing regular activities from suspicious ones like unauthorized encryption. By recognizing dangerous behavior, it spots ransomware whether or not the pressure is understood or not.

If a process is caught attempting to encrypt your files or inject malicious code into your system, Acronis stops it earlier than any injury is completed. You’re immediately notified that one thing suspicious was found. Then you may both block the activity or allow it to proceed.

After blocking the ransomware attack, Acronis Active Protection will help you restore any files that may have been altered or infected. It searches for the most recent file versions and might recover clear copies out of your cache, temporary files, or backup.

Acronis Ransomware Protection Features

  • Acronis Active Protection — this service protects your computer from ransomware.
  • File-level continuous backup to Acronis Cloud that protects your files from corruption or loss.

Active Protection

  • Based on a heuristics strategy and ML technology, it monitors processes and prevents files from unauthorized encryption.
  • Protects from the newest ransomware together with Petya, WannaCry, Osiris, and Bad Rabbit.
  • Active Protection dashboard shows the present number of the processes being analyzed. Also, it shows the present number of suspicious processes that act just like ransomware conduct.
  • With the Process management performance, you may trust or block programs to allow or prohibit them from running on the computer.

File-level continuous backup to Acronis Cloud

  • With 5 GB of free cloud storage, you may protect your data not only throughout a ransomware attack, but additionally from disk failures, disasters, and unintended deletions.
  • Changes to the protected files are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage each quarter-hour, to keep the backup up-to-date.
  • You can access your files in Acronis Cloud from wherever on any Internet-enabled device, share them, or download them for additional reuse.
  • Backup Statistics graphically symbolize the content of a backup. Also, it provides statistics for backed-up file categories reminiscent of documents, images, videos, music, and others.

Changes in Acronis Ransomware Protection Build 1700:

  • Issue fixes and other enhancements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10.

Size: 20.2 MB

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