Intel Chipset Device Software 10.1.18

Chipset Software Installation Utility – Chipset Drivers

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Intel Chipset Device Software (formerly Chipset Software Installation Utility) – Chipset Drivers ➤ Download Now!

Intel Chipset Device Software (previously Chipset Software Installation Utility) is also known as the chipset driver or chipset driver. This is a common misconception. A driver is a program that allows a computer to speak a bit of hardware.

The Intel Chipset Device Software, nevertheless, isn’t a driver, nor does it include drivers. It contains information files (INFs). An INF is a text file that provides the operating system with information on a few pieces of hardware on the system.

In the case of the present Intel Chipset Device Software, that information is primarily the product name for the piece of hardware. This allows the operating system to indicate the proper name for that piece of hardware within the Device Manager.

If a chipset is launched nicely after an operating system, the INF allows the operating system to identify all of the items of the chipset.

Intel and Microsoft work collectively to include information on each present and future chipset in new operating systems so, in lots of cases, the operating system will acknowledge all of the items of the chipset even without the INF. The greatest rule of thumb is that, until you might be installing an operating system, you don’t have to install the Intel Chipset Device Software.

If you do install this Intel utility after installing the operating system, and the installation program recognizes that some or the entire product names in Device Manager match the product names within the included INF files, it simply received install these INF files.

Intel Chipset Device Software supports operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 7 x64
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8 x64
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x64
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 x64
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 10 x64
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 x64

This download is legitimate for the product(s) listed under.

  • Intel B150 Chipset
  • Intel B250 Chipset
  • Intel B360 Chipset
  • Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
  • Intel H110 Chipset
  • Intel H170 Chipset
  • Intel H270 Chipset
  • Intel H310 Chipset
  • Intel H370 Chipset
  • Intel Q150 Chipset
  • Intel Q170 Chipset
  • Intel Q250 Chipset
  • Intel Q270 Chipset
  • Intel Q370 Chipset
  • Intel X299 Chipset
  • Intel Z170 Chipset
  • Intel Z270 Chipset
  • Intel Z370 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel HM170 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel HM175 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel HM370 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel QM170 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel QM175 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel QM370 Chipset
  • Mobile Intel QMS380 Chipset

Size: 3.12 MB

DOWNLOAD Chipset INF Utility Freeware

DOWNLOAD Intel Server Chipset Driver for Windows

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