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Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform, first Bitcoin-powered web browser. It usually outperforms different high browsers and offers users seamless browsing and sharing expertise.

Maxthon 6 is a brand new browser designed and developed by Maxthon USA Inc, which chooses Chromium as the brand new kernel. MX6 is a special product line from Maxthon 6. It will not be an improvement of MX6 and can function independently.

This is a 20-year-old veteran browser. In the early days of the Internet, it continued to innovate to enhance user expertise and created several popular features, equivalent to.

  • Multi-tab – what number of people nonetheless keep in mind the worry of the desktop is full of web pages
  • Gestures – create effectivity and luxury within the jamming of older mice with lengthy tails
  • Resource Sniffer – what number of engineers are counting on this function to discover the best way of website growth within the early time
  • Bookmarks sync– Bookmarks not must be copied with a U disk

As time goes by, the Maxthon browser has been making nice progress. In the previous 20 years, there are 5 main versions and tens of 1000’s minor versions, paving the best way for the Maxthon browser from the 1970s to the 2000s span several generations of user teams.


As a browser model that lasts for 20 years, MX6 not solely inherits the features that users like in earlier versions, but in addition, your private data, equivalent to bookmarks, notes, and passwords could be straight imported from the historic version into the brand new browser by way of Maxthon account to realize the seamless connection.


For the upcoming period of technology explosion, MX6 selected the Chromium open-source kernel as the inspiration. On one hand, counting on Chromium’s robust technical background and iterative speed, it builds a more safe, quicker, and more stable platform for all Maxthon users. On the opposite hand, it provides a more highly effective and appropriate platform for the brand new era of web applications by way of the Chrome add-ons library.


Maxthon 6 provides a handy entrance for users to combine new technology, without dropping inheritance and compatibility. In the most recent version, MX6 will individually develop a blockchain module to provide technical support for the recognition of blockchain applications.

Better performance, quicker response

Compared with the MX6 browser, MX6 is way quicker. Especially opening multiple tabs, its loading capability and fewer RAM utilization are more outstanding. Let’s take a look at suggestions from take a look at teams.

Smooth data import, good browser inheritance

Maxthon 6 is a special product line from MX6. The data of Maxthon 6 and Maxthon 6 can’t be synced, however, MX6 can synchronize your data by way of the cloud.

In MX6, you possibly can synchronize your data from the local database to the cloud. If your Maxthon account has used and retained data in earlier versions of Maxthon, these data will likely be automatically synced to your MX6 when syncing the data for the primary time. After that, if you wish to use each browser, the data is not going to be synced however will likely be synchronized individually under their product lines.

Of course, if you wish to import MX6 data into MX6 in phases, you can too use the Import/Export user data function. MX6 crew might provide a more handy function to satisfy users’ wants in several situations.

Separate Bookmarks and Maxnote

Maxnote within the Maxthon 6 browser has at all times been a controversial product. Some users suppose the Maxnote is straightforward to make use of; while some users who’re used to the normal favorites feel a bit uncomfortable.

To stability the 2 kinds of user expertise, MX6 coexists with Bookmarks and Maxnote. If you want Maxnote, please proceed to get pleasure from it. If you want conventional favorites, please use the “Bookmark” function. When you use MX6 for the primary time, it is going to automatically import the URLs marked as favorites in Maxnote into Bookmarks.

User’s affirmation and expectation for MX6

Maxthon 6 chooses the Chromium open-source kernel as the inspiration. Chromium kernel is known for a sequence of features equivalent to security, fluency, and stability. MX6 inherits these features and supports the Chrome addons library.

Changes in Maxthon

  • Added the Delete option to the webpage input box by right-click menu
  • Added Properties to the webpage by right-click menu
  • Adjusted the QuickNote icon to off/on mode
  • Adjusted the Download icon to off/on mode
  • The download manager window keeps opening status after clicking the Unpin option
  • QuickNote shows the last modified time on the left list
  • Fixed the issue that the print dialog box popped up repeatedly in some cases
  • Fixed the issue that the new bookmark could not show the correct added time on the bookmark page
  • Fixed the issue that the Maxnote edit page could not work correctly after pressing Tab
  • Fixed the issue that Maxnote could not display the correct order after dragging the note
  • Fixed the issue that images could not be pasted to Maxnote
  • Fixed the issue that the Last session page could not be opened when launching the browser by webpage desktop shortcut
  • Fixed the issue that the download task prompted “Dangerous” in some cases
  • Fixed the issue that the new download task dialog box could not pop up in some cases
  • Fixed the issue that “Manage address” and “Manage payment” skipped to the wrong page
  • Fixed the issue that Passkeeper payment and address could not display correctly in some cases
  • Fixed the issue that Passkeeper payment and address info could not sync in some cases
  • Fixed the issue that the installed browser theme could not adapt the browser tab bar
  • Fixed the crash issue when closing the new download task dialog box
  • Fixed the crash issue after switching the webpage to IE mode
  • Fixed the crash issue when opening the CSDN webpage

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Size: 89.7 MB

DOWNLOAD Maxthon for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Maxthon for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD Maxthon Portable for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Maxthon Portable for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD for Android [apk]


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