Slimjet Browser – Stable (Chromium 101)

The web browser that blocks all ads and protects your privacy

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Slimjet Browser is a versatile and highly effective web browser powered by the Blink engine. It is an alternative to the Google Chrome browser, built to protect your privacy. This is a safe and steady web browser with automatic protection in opposition to phishing and malware. Has superior privateness management options, and a sturdy multi-process structure.

Slimjet Browser has a quicker browser startup and quicker web page loading. Also gives an extremely responsive UI powered by an industry-leading Blink engine.

Hence, Slimjet Browser does more for each user without counting on exterior plugins, as a result, it is loaded with handy and highly effective features.

Slimjet Browser has versatile options and settings to customize private choice and maximize productiveness. Compatible with virtually all plugins and extensions from the Chrome web retailer.

Slimjet Browser Features:

  • QuickFill form filler. Let you open the web page and check-in in a single step.
  • Fully customizable toolbar. Add or take away further toolbar buttons that offer you fast access to numerous features
  • One-click Facebook integration. Share your online actions on Facebook with a single click on
  • Download online streaming movies. Easily download online streaming movies to an area hard disk with the option to extract the mp3 audio file.
  • Instant picture upload. Automatically shrink the picture to decimate picture importing time.
  • Photo salon. Frame and improve photographs properly earlier than they’re uploaded.
  • Flexible web page translation. Translate a full web page or chosen textual content between any two specified languages.
  • Integrate with popular web services. Easily share the present web page on numerous web services. Such as Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, WordPress, Gmail, Hotmail, and StumbleUpon.
  • Proxy Switcher. Define multiple proxies and swap between them simply. Added specific support of socks5 proxy.
  • URL alias. Type brief alias as a substitute for lengthy URLs in Omnibox to avoid wasting time.
  • Upload the clipboard image. Easily add a clipboard image with a single click. No want to reserve it to a file first after which add the file.

Other Features

  • Weather condition and forecast. Give present climate situations proper on the toolbar. 7-day forecast information is one click away.
  • Auto-refresh web page. Auto refreshes one or more web pages primarily based on a preset interval.
  • Enhanced autofill from predefined identification information. Support of login ID and most popular password to the autofill feature available in Chrome.
  • Quickly swap search engines like google and yahoo. The dropdown button on the proper finish of the Omnibox permits users to shortly swap between totally different search engines like google and yahoo.
  • Save a webpage screenshot. Can save a screenshot of your complete web page as an image file.
  • Flexible new tab behavior control. Automatically opens a brand new tab when entering a URL. It additionally opens a brand new tab within the foreground by default.
  • Stop all gif animations. Global option to cease all gif animations from enjoying.
  • Allow mixed-mode HTTP/HTTPS content.
  • Option to disable the desktop notification.

Changes in Slimjet (Chromium 101) :

  • Download Bubble UI (Enable in chrome://flags/#download-bubble)
  • Allow you to add notes to saved passwords. (Enable in slimjet://flags/#password-notes)

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

Size: 71 MB

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 Installer for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 Installer for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 Portable for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 Portable for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 for macOS 64-bit

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 for Debian-based Linux 32-bit

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 for Debian-based Linux 64-bit

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 for Generic Linux 32-bit

DOWNLOAD Slimjet 35 for Generic Linux 64-bit

DOWNLOAD Slimjet for Windows XP and Vista

DOWNLOAD Slimjet Portable for Windows XP and Vista

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