Brave Browser 1.65.114 Stable

Secure, Fast, and Private Web Browser with Adblocker by Brave

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Secure, Fast, and Private Web Browser with Adblocker by Brave Browser ▷ Download Now!

Brave Browser is a free, quick, safe, and open-source net software primarily based on Chromium and out there to all your units. Complete with a built-in advert blocker that forestalls monitoring and gives safety with optimized information and battery efficiency.

The Brave is far more than an internet browser, it’s a new mindset about how the online works. Brave is on a mission to repair the online by giving customers safer, sooner, and higher-looking expertise. In contrast, rising help for content material creators buys a brand new attention-based rewards ecosystem.

Brave is constructed by a staff of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the online, together with the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla. It begins with providing you with more energy. Get unmatched velocity, safety, and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting adverts and assist in giving publishers again their fair proportion of Internet income.

Browse Faster – Load pages 3x to 6x sooner

Watch Brave in Motion, head-to-head-to-head with Chrome and Firefox. Brave Masses web page 3 times as quickly out of the field with nothing to put in, study, or handle.

Switching is simple – Import and proceed to the place you left off

It’s straightforward to import your settings out of your previous browser. You can do it throughout the welcome tour or later by the menus. All of your last browser profiles will seem in an inventory. You can import different browser information from the primary menu merchandise called “Import Bookmarks and Settings.”

Support your favorite websites with Brave Rewards

Turn on Brave Rewards which provides some access to the websites you frequent most. Earn frequent flyer-like tokens (BAT) for viewing privacy-respecting adverts by Brave and assist in funding the content material you’re keen on.

Browsing online with Brave is free: with Brave Rewards activated, you can help the content material creators you’re keen on on the quantity that works for you.

The browser can routinely distribute your contributions primarily based on your time on websites. Or, you can select tip websites immediately, and even provide a set month-to-month tip quantity.

All of this works while conserving your looking historical past non-public. Your funds are made out there to website homeowners by a nameless ledger system, so you possibly can’t be recognized primarily based on the websites you go to and help. Over 10,000 publishers and content material creators have registered to obtain Brave Rewards.

Remember: these contributions are non-obligatory – looking online with Brave Browser is free.

Brave Browser Feature List:


  • Adblocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Cookie management
  • HTTPS upgrading
  • Block scripts
  • Per-site protect settings
  • Configurable international protection defaults

Brave Rewards

  • Earn by viewing non-public adverts
  • Tip your favorite creators
  • Contribute month-to-month to websites
  • Auto-contribute to websites
  • Verify with Uphold and transfer funds out and into your pockets
  • Become a verified creator and begin income BAT from ideas, contributions, and referrals

Tabs and Windows

  • Private Windows
  • Pinned Tabs
  • Auto-unload
  • Drag and drop
  • Duplicate
  • Close Options
  • Find on the web page
  • Print web page


  • Clear looking information
  • Built-in password supervisor
  • Form autofill
  • Control content material entry to the full-screen presentation
  • Control website entry to autoplay media
  • Send “Do not track” with browsing requests
  • Choose the default search engine
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for alternate search engines like Google
  • Option to make use of DuckDuckGo for personal window search

Address Bar

  • Add Bookmark
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • Search from the deal with the bar
  • Autosuggest search phrases
  • Show/disguise bookmarks toolbar
    • Show a safe or insecure website

Extensions and Plugins

  • Brave Desktop now helps many of the Chrome extensions within the Chrome Net retailer

Changes in Brave 1.65.114 (Chromium 124.0.6367.60) :


  • Added support for Brave Wallet in Private windows.
  • Added the ability to edit token details.
  • Added the ability to mark NFTs as spam.
  • Added route params to the “Swap” screen.
  • Added a loading effect in the “Portfolio” asset view when balances are being fetched.
  • Added brave://flags/#brave-wallet-enable-transaction-simulations for transaction simulations.
  • [Security] Swap the “Reject” and “Confirm” buttons on the “Pending Transaction” panel when issues are detected.
  • Updated UI and sizing for the “Send” and “Swap” panel screens.
  • Updated button style on the “Buy” and “Deposit” screens.
  • Updated the “Composer UI” button border radius.
  • Updated design for the “Confirm” and “Reject” buttons on the “Pending Transaction” panel.
  • Updated style of the “Page Settings” button.
  • Updated the “Buy”, “Deposit”, and “Bridge” button border radius on the “Token Details” page.
  • Fixed crash which occurred when accessing Brave Wallet from a bookmark.
  • Fixed text wrapping on the signing confirmation panel.
  • Fixed hiding NFTs not removing them from the “Collected” section.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Review send” button was not enabled on the “Send” page for NFT in certain cases.
  • Fixed the “Request feature” button being displayed over the wallet card on certain window sizes.


  • Added balance animation to the rewards panel and brave://rewards page.


  • Added GitHub pull request compatibility with Brave Leo.
  • Added the “Close Duplicate Tabs” option to the tab context menu.
  • Added the ability to include a screenshot when reporting webcompat issues.
  • Added more tab grouping and management commands to be accessible from “Quick Commands”.
  • Added “Reconnect automatically” to Brave VPN on macOS.
  • Updated position of the “Add” button on the sidebar.
  • Updated the “Close”, “Minimize”, and “Maximize” buttons to be larger on Windows.
  • Removed Brave user-agent being sent with Chromecast SSDP packets.
  • Removed old adblock components after new ones are installed.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred on Arm64 Windows in certain cases. (
  • Fixed incorrect focus for Brave Leo “Privacy Agreement” dialog.
  • Fixed sidebar icons being displayed over window content in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 124.0.6367.60. (Changelog for 124.0.6367.60)

Supported Operating Systems:

Size: 113 MB

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