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FreeCAD Software is a parametric 3D CAD modeler and drawing tool. It is focused squarely on the mechanical engineering and product design fields. FreeCAD Software is a general-purpose feature-based for CAD, MCAD, CAx, CAE, and PLM. It goals immediately at mechanical engineering and product design but additionally matches a wider vary of makes use of in engineering. Such as structure or different engineering specialties.

It is 100% Open Source and intensely modular, permitting very superior extension and customization. The FreeCAD Software can already import DXF, OCA/ GCAD, SVG, STP, STEP, IGS, IGES, and different formats. You can even create a brand new document from scratch.

FreeCAD Software supports 2D objects like strains, rectangles, arcs, or circles. As effectively as numerous 3D primitives (field, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus), every of which might then be manipulated in numerous methods (translation, rotation, mirroring, scaling, offset, and more).

There are additionally loads of mesh tools. A drawing module that exports projected views of your geometry to a 2D SVG document. And a raytracing module that exports your work for rendering in POV-Ray.

Python code underlies all of this. Everything you do throughout the interface will be subject to some Python command, which you’ll study. Freely enter Python instructions yourself in case you want a bit more flexibility. Or even create macros by recording any significantly helpful Python for replay later.

FreeCAD Software relies on OpenCasCade. That is a strong geometry kernel, options an Open Inventor-compliant 3D scene illustration mannequin. It is offered by the Coin 3D library, and a broad Python API. The interface is built with Qt. FreeCAD Software runs precisely the identical approach on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms.

FreeCAD Software Key Features:

  • A whole Open CASCADE Technology-based geometry kernel permitting complicated 3D operations on complicated form varieties. With native support for ideas like brep, nurbs curves, and surfaces. A variety of geometric entities, boolean operations, and fillets, and built-in support of STEP and IGES formats
  • A full parametric model. All FreeCAD Software objects are natively parametric. That means their form could be primarily based on properties and even rely upon different objects. All adjustments being recalculated on demand, and recorded by the undo/redo stack.
  • A modular architecture that permits plugins (modules) so as to add performance to the core software.
  • Import and export to standard formats. Such as STEP, IGES, OBJ, STL, DXF, SVG, STL, DAE, IFC or OFF, NASTRAN, VRML. In addition to FreeCAD’s native Fcstd file format.
  • A Sketcher with constraint-solver, permitting to sketch geometry-constrained 2D shapes. The sketcher at present permits you to construct a number of kinds of constrained geometry. Also, you should utilize them as a base to construct different objects all through FreeCAD Software.
  • A Robot simulation module that permits learning robotic actions. The robotic module already has a prolonged graphical interface permitting a GUI-only workflow.
  • A Drawing sheets module that lets you put 2D views of your 3D fashions on a sheet. This module then produces ready-to-export SVG or PDF sheets. The module remains to be sparse however already options highly effective Python performance.
  • A Rendering module that may export 3D objects for rendering with exterior renderers. Currently solely supports povray and LuxRender, however, it will likely be prolonged to different renderers sooner or later.
  • An Architecture module that permits BIM-like workflow, with IFC compatibility.

What’s New in FreeCAD 0.19.3:

Addon manager fixes:

  • Freezes/crashes when opening Addon manager

Arch fixes:

  • Parse window opening modes with more than one digit
  • Fix material color pickers

Core (App and Gui) fixes:

  • App quitting despite failing to save the project
  • Abort save when unable to finish
  • update weblink to Coin3D
  • Preferences – change macro path selection from File to Folder

Draft fixes:

  • Ensure horizontal orientation of snap widget

Import/Export fixes:

  • Fix STEP import/export color problem

Part fixes:

  • Uniform sorting in menu and toolbar
  • Fix grid visibility in sketches

PartDesign fixes:

  • Fix shortcut of Del key in the pipe dialog
  • Fix loft visibility on creation and modification

Path fixes:

  • Fix bug with spindle not restarting
  • Fix connected multi-face clearing bug
  • Bugfix/job setup
  • Post-processing for GRBL with the option “–translate_drill”
  • Fix proxy error bug that occurs when postprocessing
  • Fix depth calculation for vcarve
  • Fix bug adding TC from job dialog
  • Check for empty before using – fixes
  • GUI scripting support and other improvements
  • Fix GUI issues and minor code cleanup
  • Fix minor bugs when canceling post-process
  • now outputs filename for the report the same as the postprocessor job
  • Fix bug splitting gcode by fixture
  • Fix relative shapefiles for tool bits
  • Fixed incorrect usage of isDirty() in the accept button call back
  • Remove side assignment to outside for full model profiles
  • Fix grbl –return-to placement
  • Fix multi-OS path issue for job templates
  • Update 45-degree chamfer tool bit
  • fix invalid JSON in 45-degree chamfer tool bit
  • Fix face region boundary shape usage
  • Add missing newline to the return-to statement in grbl postprocessor
  • Fix bug with job object not found

Spreadsheet fixes:

  • Prevent infinite loop when copy/pasting of non-rectangular selection

Sketcher fixes:

  • Fix Reference checkbox not working for radius/diameter
  • Fix Reference checkbox not working for diameter
  • Fix crash when applying Constrain internal alignment on constraints

TechDraw fixes:

  • Fix undo for Cosmetic Vertices and Lines


  • Preferences – Selection Fix Bug for new users who save an unrelated Preference such as Stylesheet from losing the default selection settings
  • Fix a FEM test failure with yaml.load
  • Start workbench; fix bug when a custom folder doesn’t exist
  • Reverse Engineering workbench: Fix compilation with PCL-1.12.0

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bits)
  • macOS 10.11 El (*88*) and later
  • Debian-based Linux systems

Size: 557 MB

DOWNLOAD FreeCAD 0.19.3 for Windows 64-bit

DOWNLOAD FreeCAD 0.19.3 for macOS

DOWNLOAD FreeCAD 0.19.3 for Linux 64-bit

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