AnyViewer 4.5.0 by AOMEI

Secure, Fast and Easy-to-use Remote Desktop Software

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AnyViewer is Secure, Fast, and Easy-to-use Remote Desktop Software

AnyViewer is a free remote desktop software for Windows PCs and Windows Server, Android, and iOS. It helps you to complete a stable and fast remote connection, to transfer files from one PC to another or multiple PCs at the same time with high image.

  • Safely access remote computers for Windows
  • Quickly transfer files between local and remote PCs
  • Easily offer remote support to customers
  • Flexible play PC games from any place

Features of AnyViewer for Mobile Devices:

AnyViewer, a remote desktop app for Android and iOS enables you to access and control a PC from anywhere with considerate features added.

  • Unattended Remote Access. With the same account or security code set previously, you can control unattended PCs easily.
  • Power Management. During the remote session, click Power Management and you can lock, restart, or shut down the computer from the phone.
  • Manage Connected Devices. Once you have connected to a device before, you can see it in the Currently Connected list to manage it.
  • Show Desktop. In the session, you can switch between the desktop and the current interface on the remote PC with one click.
  • Virtual Mouse. The virtual mouse on the phone makes you feel that you’re using the real mouse, greatly simplifying your operating process.
  • Hide Desktop Wallpaper… If the network isn’t in good condition, you can hide desktop wallpaper to make the session smoother.
  • Flexible Control Modes. Two control modes are available. Mouse Mode uses the cursor to control the PC; Touch Mode uses a tap on the phone to control the PC.
  • Rotate Screen. You can rotate the screen horizontally to make the remote session window match your phone/tablet completely.

Safe and Reliable

For remote connection activity, security can be the first thing that users are concerned about. AnyViewer is secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, protecting your data from leakage.

Fast and Stable

AOMEI AnyViewer helps you to complete a stable and fast remote connection, to transfer files from one PC to another or multiple PCs at the same time with high image quality.

Flexible and Considerate

The intuitive and concise interface guides you through remote access to computers easily. Meanwhile, the remote desktop manager has flexible connection methods, automatic updates, and multiple language support.

Get remote access to the work computer

Need to access work PC from outside for necessary data on it but don’t know how to set up VPN or perform port forwarding for using RDP? Get ultra-simple remote access software, AnyViewer and you can remotely access your work computer from home or during the trip without complicated settings.

Transfer files between local and remote devices

One-click to transfer files and folders between local and remote computers without the extra operation of saving any file. AnyViewer allows you to directly and smoothly send files from a local folder to any remote folder, and vice versa, like you are on one computer.

Fix technical issues without being on-site

Required to fix clients’ technical issues quickly when you are in a remote location? Remote support software, AnyViewer, enables you to get unattended or attended access and control of desktops, laptops, or servers without physical presence. It also with extended functions to improve the efficiency.

Play PC games from elsewhere

Play your favorite game whenever you want and where you are. You can use remote control software, AnyViewer to connect to your home computer for remote games.

Changes in AnyViewer version 4.5.0 :

  • Added “Ultra High Quality” mode: Ultra-high definition and details of display;
  • Added “True color” mode: Use 4:4:4 chroma sampling to restore true color display without loss;
  • Added “Black-and-white” mode: Reduce bandwidth consumption and highlight key information;
  • Added: Ability to configure the proxy server; Fixed issue: Interface style loading failed at times;
  • Fixed issue: Failed to start the client occasionally after double-clicking the desktop shortcut;
  • Improved: A better algorithm for more stable and efficient hardware acceleration.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022.
  • iOS version 10.0 and later.
  • Android version 6.0 and later.
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