Exploring the Power of TeamTalk: Seamless Conferencing and Messaging

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Enhance Collaboration with TeamTalk: Audio, Video, and Chat Platform

TeamTalk 5 is a freeware conferencing system that permits several customers to take part in audio and video conversations. Also, it permits a gaggle of individuals to collaborate and share any data. During a convention, folks can discuss utilizing their microphone, see different folks utilizing their webcams, share files, present desktop functions, play music, and so on.

Unlike different in-style conferencing functions, TeamTalk comes with its standalone server. This means you don’t rely upon a 3rd social gathering to host your conferences. In different phrases, you’re in the whole management of your group and may select who can take part.

The setup file contains each shopper and server function. Special shopper software included accessibility options for the visually impaired. This software program has been developed since 2002.

How the TeamTalk Conferencing System works:

TeamTalk Channels

To use the TeamTalk conferencing system customers should both arrange their very own TeamTalk server or connect with one of many servers that are publicly out there. Once linked customers are introduced to set channels (generally known as rooms) which a consumer can enter and from there work together with the opposite customers who’re on the identical track.

Audio and Video Conversations

TeamTalk helps several video periods so it’s potential to see a video of each consumer in a channel. To see the customers with video merely click on the Video tab the place all of the energetic video periods lined up in a grid. Users who’re transmitting videos have a blue body surrounding their consumer icon. By clicking the detach button within the high proper nook it’s potential to see the chosen consumer in a separate window.

Share Desktop Applications

The consumer can share any software operating on her PC’s desktop with different customers. This can be utilized for doing online shows. To see the shared software in a separate window, press the detach button within the high proper nook.

File Sharing

By clicking the Files tab customers can see which files could be downloaded within the channel they’re taking part in. Each file is listed with a reputation, it is the scale and who uploaded the file.

Server Administration

The TeamTalk shopper software accommodates a listing of publicly out their Team Talk servers you could connect with and use freely. Some would possibly, nonetheless, favor running their very own server, and for this TeamTalk comes with its standalone server out there for each Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Running your server permits you to configure precisely the way you need your server to look and who ought to have entry to it. The most variety of customers who can go online to a server is 1000.

What’s New in TeamTalk 5.13.1 :

  • Default Qt Client
    • Reinitialize sound devices if the active sound device is removed using WASAPI sound system
    • Moved “Refresh Sound Devices” from the “Input Devices” submenu to “Sound Configuration” menu
    • The accessible description on more dialogs to avoid potential screenreader freeze
    • Add missing labels on the “Font color” and “Background color” buttons on the “Video settings” dialog
    • Sound event when interception stopped
    • Ban offline users from the “Online Users” dialog
    • Confirmation before the auto kick and kick and ban
    • Filter servers by name or number of users in the “Server List Dialog”
    • Text-to-Speech event on video transmission and desktop sharing toggled
    • Text-to-Speech event when disconnecting from the server now includes the server name
    • Text-to-Speech event for voice transmission toggled also emitted when using a global hotkey
    • Option to choose if Text-to-Speech events should be sent using Speech, Braille, or both Speech and Braille (only on Windows with Tolk)
    • The file size is now converted to KBytes/MBytes/GBytes (Qt 5.10 and later)
    • Ability to show password in a server list dialog
    • Separate count on users in channel and subchannel on a channel tree
    • CTRL+G on a channel now also returns the user count
    • “Show MOTD variables” checked by default in the server properties dialog
    • Import .tt File button moved to the “Store Server Information” group box in “Server List Dialog”
    • Fixed microphone vu meter update not disabled correctly at first startup when enabled default accessibility options
    • Fixed keyboard navigation on the “File transfer” dialog
    • Fixed Upload/download button and menu item not displayed for admin outside channel
    • Fixed bug when removing operator status in the temporary channel
    • Qt updated to 6.5.0 on macOS and Windows 10/11
    • The minimum supported macOS is now 11.0 (Big Sur)
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Accessible Windows Client
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Android Client
    • Added Vietnamese language
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • iOS Client
    • OPUS updated to v1.4
  • Server
    • Added argument -clean files to remove unknown files from file storage

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • macOS 11 and later
  • Linux, Debian, CentOS, Raspbian
  • iOS 9.0 and later
  • Android 5 and later (ARMv7A, ARM64, x86, x64)

The Team Talk Conferencing System consists of each shopper and server software. Most customers will solely want to put in the shopper software until, in addition, they intend to run their very own Team Talk 5 server.

Size: 44.6 MB

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for Windows 7/8/10/11

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk Portable for Windows 7/8/10/11

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for macOS 11 (Big Sur and later)

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for Ubuntu 18 Linux x86_64

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for Ubuntu 22 Linux x86_64

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for CentOS 7 x86_64 (server only)

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for Raspbian 10 Raspberry Pi armhf

DOWNLOAD TeamTalk for Debian 9 (stretch) Linux x86_64

DOWNLOAD for iOS 9.0 and later

DOWNLOAD for Android 5 and later (ARMv7A, ARM64, x86, x86_64)

ALL DOWNLOADS for Other Operating Systems

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