Tribler 7.13.0 Free p2p Client

A P2P File Sharing Client for Secure and Anonymous Downloads

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Explore Tribler: A P2P File Sharing Client for Secure and Anonymous Downloads

Tribler is an open-source peer-to-peer client with numerous features for watching videos online. The user interface could be very primary and targeted on ease of use, as an alternative together with features.

This program relies on the BitTorrent protocol and uses an overlay network for content looking. Due to this overlay network, Tribler doesn’t require an exterior website or indexing service to find content.

Tribler was created by university researchers attempting to enhance peer-to-peer technology. The application enhances BitTorrent by removing the necessity for central components such as websites for locating content. The intention is to extend performance, reliability, and scalability.

The most important features include video-only looking, experimental video streaming, and a built-in video player. The SwarmPlayer is a Python-based BitTorrent Internet TV viewer. It allows you to observe BitTorrent-hosted peer-to-peer digital media distribution of video on demand and performs live streaming media.

Tribler provides keyword search skills to the BitTorrent file download protocol using a gossip protocol. That is considerably just like the eXeem network which was shut down in 2005.

After a dozen downloads, this software program can roughly estimate the download style of the user and recommend content. This feature relies on collaborative filtering, additionally featured on websites resembling Last.FM and

Explore Tribler: A P2P File Sharing Client for Secure and Anonymous Downloads

Another feature is a restricted form of social networking and donation of upload capability. Tribler includes the power to mark particular users as online buddies. Such buddies allow a rise in the download speed of files by using their upload capability. Due to those features, this software program differs from popular BitTorrent clients resembling Vuze and μTorrent.

Changes in Tribler 7.13.0 :

Instant search with superior result quality:

  • Experience lightning-fast local search queries, now 100x faster than in the previous release (because of a broken feature)
  • Enjoy real-time, remote results from other peers as they appear instantly
  • Benefit from an advanced ranking algorithm that considers multiple factors, such as title structure, creation date, and the number of seeders/leechers
  • Discover similar results for known content categories, now conveniently grouped for an improved UI experience.

We’re confident that you’ll love the revamped search experience. As more peers upgrade to the new version, the distributed search will deliver even higher-quality results with the enhanced ranking system!

With these updates, Tribler is gradually evolving into a decentralized search engine, rivaling the speed of YouTube’s video search.

Introducing the Knowledge Component: A Leap Towards Decentralized Search Excellence

Google’s power resides in its PageRank algorithm. Creating a decentralized alternative to Big Tech has proven challenging, but with this release, we take another small step on this journey. Our ultimate goal is to achieve self-organizing trust, the fundamental building block for a decentralized PageRank system. The concrete use case we aim to address is collective decision-making in the peer-to-peer world, such as determining whether Justin Bieber is gay.

Is Justin Bieber gay?

Explore the details of this scientifically serious issue related to trust, spam, and crowdsourcing. For the record, we believe Justin Bieber’s music is neither Black Metal nor gay. We consider this an exemplary use case for Tribler’s zero-trust architecture to solve. Our distributed trust ledger has been under incremental development since before Bitcoin. We have not yet deployed our decentralized reputation and trust framework, as the MeritRank algorithm is still not ready for production. However, we have upgraded the BitTorrent tag-based metadata enrichment from pure text labels into the KnowledgeComponent. As a test, we offer semantic clustering within Tribler when searching for “Ubuntu,” providing cleaner search results and filtering duplicates.

No other peer-to-peer project, such as IPFS, Mojo Nation, or Freenet, has ever cracked semantic search. With the KnowledgeComponent, we take another challenging step towards a Google-quality search engine. It signifies a move towards semantics, a search engine that understands your preferences and helps you discover content without interference from lawyers or governments.

Enhanced Torrent Health: Accurate Sharing Between Peers

Tribler peers exchange information about torrent popularity, allowing torrents with a substantial number of seeders to appear on the “Popular” page and receive priority in search results. We identified several critical bugs in the previous algorithm, causing invalid torrent health records to spread across the network and skew the results on the “Popular” page. These bugs have now been fixed, and the gossiping algorithm has been optimized for efficient sharing of popular torrents

Improved Stability for a Smoother Experience

This release of Tribler is set to be the most stable in recent times. Our development team has successfully identified and resolved numerous obscure bugs that previously led to crashes and freezes. We’re confident that this version of Tribler will impress you with its enhanced stability and reliability.


  • 100x speedup for full-text search queries with better quality
  • Upgrade the TagComponent to the KnowledgeComponent
  • Added edit metadata GUI elements
  • Update Popularity community
  • Add Tribler translation to Spanish

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
  • macOS Yosemite or newer.
  • Linux Ubuntu.

Size: 66.5 MB

DOWNLOAD Tribler 7.13.0 Stable:

DOWNLOAD for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD for Windows x64


DOWNLOAD for Linux Ubuntu

DOWNLOAD for Linux Debian

DOWNLOADS for All Platforms

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