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Microsoft Office 2021 – Supercharge your productivity with AI ➤ Download Now!

Microsoft Office 2021 is a complete, cross-platform, cross-device solution for the modern workplace. It includes smart tools for individuals, teams, and businesses. It can open your applications, and documents anywhere, across multiple devices.

Get the installed applications you know and trust – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access. Always have the latest, fully installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Capture your ideas however you work best – using a keyboard, pen, or touchscreen.

Office 2021 will offer new security, compliance, and deployment features. It gives organizations more control over sensitive data and IT more flexibility in deployment and management.

Microsoft expanded the Office footprint to include iPads and Android tablets. Upgraded Office experiences on the Mac, the iPhone, and the web. New apps have also been added to the Office family with Sway and Office Lens. Finally, you can keep your work moving, everywhere.

Microsoft Office 2021 suite includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 365, Office 2013, or Office 2016 users can open documents created without any additional action. Customers using earlier versions of Office may need to download and install a compatibility pack.

Your documents, anywhere.

Across the Office applications, it’s easier to use the power of feature-rich applications. You can access them from anywhere and on any device to create, open, edit, and save files in the cloud from your desktop. In addition, new modern attachments in Outlook make it easy to attach files from OneDrive. Especially relevant, it automatically configures permission for the recipients – without leaving Outlook.


Real-time co-authoring is available today in Office Online apps. When you are working in Word 2021 and/or Office online, you’ll be able to see where other editors are working and what they are writing. All in real-time.

Smart Applications.

Applications will learn as you work, taking advantage of subtle cues and clues to help you stay on task and get more out of the Office. Tell Me is a new search tool available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It serves up the commands you need by simply typing what you want to do. Clutter – a new Exchange feature that lights up in Outlook. It uses machine learning to analyze your email patterns. And de-clutter your inbox by moving lower-priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder. And Insights, powered by Bing, finds contextual information from the web within the reading experience.

Data analysis was made faster and easier.

New analysis capabilities are built into Excel, So you can pull, map, analyze, and visualize your data faster and easier than ever.

  • One-click forecasting. Create forecasts on your data series with one click to future trends.
  • Intuitive data connecting and shaping capabilities. With integrated Power Query, use Excel as your personal analysis workspace by connecting to and viewing all the data around you. Take advantage of a broad range of data sources, including tables from websites, corporate data like SAP Business Objects, unstructured sources like Hadoop, and services like Salesforce.
  • Easy data modeling and powerful analysis. With improved Power Pivot features as part of Excel, map different data sets with drag-and-drop ease to build data models to give you the bigger picture of your business. Take advantage of intuitive analysis functions, automatic time grouping, and other features. They enhance your PivotTable and PivotChart analysis experience.
  • Publish to Microsoft Power BI Preview. Effortlessly publish and share your Excel workbooks with users of Power BI.
  • New modern charts and graphs, including TreeMap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Box and Whisker Histogram, and Pareto in Excel help you to present your data in fresh ways.

New in Microsoft Office 2021:

In Office 2021, you’ll find new inking tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, ease-of-use features, and so much more!

Look left, look right… XLOOKUP is here:

  • Row by row, find anything you need in a table or range with XLOOKUP.

Dynamic arrays:

  • Write one formula and return an array of values. Expedite calculations and insights with six new functions: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY.

LET function:

  • The LET function assigns names to calculation results. This allows storing intermediate calculations, values, or defining names inside a formula.

XMATCH function:

  • The XMATCH function searches for a specified item in an array or range of cells and then returns the item’s relative position. You can also use XMATCH to return a value in an array.

New and improved Record Slide Show:

  • Record Slide Show now supports presenter video recording, ink recording, and laser pointer recording

Replay your ink strokes:

  • You can replay your ink strokes as they were drawn; this lets you illustrate things step by step or show a thought process. You can also pause the replay, and select the point to start the replay from.

Arrange elements on your slides for screen readers:

  • See the elements in screen-reading order and re-arrange them as necessary to communicate your message effectively.

Translator and ink in Outlook:

  • Translate email messages into more than 70 languages on the fly and view the transcript—all within Outlook.
  • Annotate email images or draw in a separate canvas using your finger, pen, or mouse.

In Outlook, use Instant Search to quickly find emails:

  • Select the search bar (located above the Outlook ribbon) to help find email messages anywhere in Outlook.

Visual refresh:

  • Work with a modernized Start experience and newly refreshed tabs in the ribbon.
  • Experience a clean, clear style with Monoline iconography that communicates action and features with simple visuals.

See what’s new in stock media:

  • We’re constantly adding more rich media content to the Office Premium Creative Content collection, a curated library of stock images, icons, and more that helps you express yourself.

Find what you need with Microsoft Search:

  • At the top of your Microsoft Office apps on Windows, you’ll find the new Microsoft Search box. This powerful tool helps you quickly find what you’re looking for, from text to commands to help and more.

Performance improvements:

  • Experience improved performance, stability, and speed across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook​.
  • Get faster calculations from common Excel functions like SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGEIF.

Updated Draw tab:

  • Quickly access and change the color of all your inking tools in one place.
  • Simplify how you work with ink using new Draw tab additions: Point Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso.

Save your changes as they happen:

  • Upload your files to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online to make sure all your updates are saved automatically.

Support for OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3:

  • We now include support for the OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3. The ODF 1.3 specification adds support for many new features.

Refresh, relink, or remove linked tables:

  • The updated Linked Table Manager is a central location for viewing and managing all data sources and linked tables in an Access database.

Try the new Date/Time Extended data type in Access:

  • To enhance syntax compatibility with SQL and to increase accuracy and level of detail in records that include dates and times, we’ve implemented the SQL DateTime2 data type into Access.

Keep tabs on your database objects in Access:

  • You can see the active tab, easily drag tabs to rearrange them, and close database objects with just one click.

New Azure stencils and shapes in Visio:

  • We’ve added many more stencils to help you create up-to-date Azure diagrams. You can use these new stencils to build Azure diagrams for network topologies, virtual machine configurations, operations, and more.

New AWS stencils and shapes in Visio:

  • We have enabled infrastructure shapes from another major cloud provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can now use stencils with the latest AWS shapes to help you create diagrams.

Content for social distancing planning in the workplace:

  • Many workplaces need to be re-planned to follow the social distancing guidelines in force. This new Visio template, and the Workplace Social Distancing stencil, provide several shapes, fill patterns, and line patterns, both scaled and unscaled, to help with this process.

Try the Sketched style outline:

  • You can give a casual, hand-drawn look to shapes in your presentations with the Sketched style outline.
  • Try out the Curved, Freehand, or Scribble options under Format Shape > Line > Sketched Style.

Pick the perfect color:

  • Based on your feedback, we’ve added a new input field in the Colors dialog for Hex color values. Now you won’t have to spend time converting Hex color values into RGB values.
  • For any property where you can define color, you can now enter a Hex color value in the Hex box, for example, #0F4C81 or 444.

Microsoft Office 2021 supports PCs or Windows tablets running Windows 7 or higher.

Microsoft Office 2021 is available in English, Arabic, Brazilian (Portuguese), Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

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