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Comodo Firewall Free Download with the best antivirus software

Comodo Firewall Free 2020 is likely one of the strongest and smartest private firewalls you may ever see. It features each inbound and outbound packet filtering together with strong outbound application filtering on the network layer.

The new-look interface facilitates fast and simple access to all major settings, together with the highly effective and extremely configurable security rules interface.

Comodo Firewall Free is your first layer of protection in opposition to viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers, and all Internet threats. A firewall makes use of Default Deny Protection to stop threats from occurring, rather than simply detecting them when it’s already too late.

If the file asking for access is on the list, Comodo Firewall Free may be sure it’s protected on your computer to allow it to execute. If not, Comodo Firewall will provide you with a warning that a probably malicious file is attempting to enter your PC.

The Comodo Firewall Free program additionally boasts a robust and vigilant packet filtering firewall. That helps you connect to the internet in a safe method while blocking hackers from making incoming connections.

Real-time traffic monitoring allows you to react immediately to threats and determine bandwidth bottlenecks. It’s simple to use and features a beautiful interface that lets even newbies change settings to their liking. Comodo Firewall comes with automatic updates for the newest in PC protection.

Comodo Firewall 2020 Features:

  • Application Component Authentication. Validates all of the components of an application earlier than allowing it internet access.
  • Application Behavior Analysis. Analyzes every application behavior and detects any suspicious activity earlier than allowing internet access.
  • Defense towards Trojan Protocols. advanced protocol driver level protection
  • Smart Alerts. Every alert includes a Security Consideration section with recommendations to users.
  • Windows Security Center Integration. Windows acknowledges Comodo Firewall Pro
  • Self Protection towards Critical Process Termination – can’t be shut down by Trojans, Spyware, or viruses.
  • PC Security throughout PC Start-Up – includes the option to save the host while the operating system is booting.
  • Automatic Updater – includes an interactive automatic updater component so that users can test for updates at any time.
  • Error Reporting Interface – includes an XP-style bug reporting interface.
  • Firewall Logging – reveals all of the activities with detailed descriptions of the events.
  • Security Rules Interface – combines with an easy-to-use GUI.
  • Application Activity Control – watches every application in detail by displaying addresses, ports, and quantity of traffic.
  • Graphical User Interface – enables or disables any part of the firewall with one click
  • Application Recognition Database – acknowledges over 10000 applications and determines their security dangers.

Changes in Comodo Firewall Free 2020


  • WSL 2 cannot work when installing CIS
  • Solitaire cannot run in a sandbox
  • System restore is restoring the registry problem
  • cmdvirth may be stoped
  • Support jumbo frames in fw
  • Setting allow contained applications access to the clipboard doesn’t work
  • Fixed BSOD caused by cmderd on 32-bit OS

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Size: 5.45 MB

DOWNLOAD Comodo Firewall 2020 12.2.2 FREEWARE

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