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Defragmenter is advantageous and relevant to file systems on electromechanical disk drives. The movement of the hard drive’s read/write heads over different areas of the disk when accessing fragmented files is slower, compared to accessing the entire contents of a non-fragmented file sequentially without moving the read/write heads to seek other fragments.

Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is a free Defragmenter to Defrag Disks for the Best Performance ➤ Download Now!

Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp

Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is a free and extremely fast defragmentation tool to analyze, defrag, and optimize disks for peak computer performance. It defragments and optimizes the disk safely, without damaging your hard drive and the data stored on it. Colorful interface with large, clearly labeled buttons and tabs labeled Defrag Show and Settings. That offers all basic functions, so it...
Auslogics Disk Defrag is free Defrag Software For Your Hard Drive ➤ Download Now!

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free

Auslogics Disk Defrag 11 is a vital maintenance tool that will improve your PC’s performance by defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk. This software was designed to remedy system sluggishness and crashes caused by disk fragmentation. Auslogics Disk Defrag is extremely simple to use. It does not require any analysis phase and is faster than most of the other...
Download IObit Smart Defrag 9 Free, Deeply Defrag Windows for Better Performance

IObit Smart Defrag 9.4.0 Build 342

IObit Smart Defrag 9 is a Free disk defragmenter, that accelerates the whole system with fast and efficient disk defrag. Based on the IObit disk defrag engine and “Boot Time Disk Defrag” technology. IObit Smart Defrag provides defragmentation and intelligently streamlines your files based on frequency, thus accelerating disk speed and the whole system for top performance! The new interface is...
WinContig – Defrag files and folders ➤ Download Freeware file defragmentation tool

WinContig – Freeware Defragmenter

WinContig is an easy-to-use standalone executable defragmenter. It doesn’t create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to quickly defragment files without the need to defragment the whole disk. In addition, this application allows you to group files and folders into profiles for processing them later. WinContig supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems and it works...
Puran Defrag - Automatically Defrag your Hard Disk Drives ➤ Download Now!

Puran Defrag 7.7.2

Puran Defrag is a very simple disk defragmenter that defrages the files and optimizes your system, which means it collects all the fragments of a file and puts them together. Also, it moves some frequently used files and all directories to a faster disk area, which upgrades your hard disk performance and thus overall system speed. In addition, it results...
UltraDefrag Freeware Download

UltraDefrag Free 7.1.4

UltraDefrag Free is an open-source disk defragmenter for Windows operating systems. It may be very quick as a result of the defragmenting being completed by a kernel-mode driver. UltraDefrag makes use of the same defragmenting API utilized by many different windows defrag utilities, each open and closed source. UltraDefrag has many unique features. Firstly it has a kernel-mode driver that...
Defraggler download free for windows

Defraggler 2.22.995 Free by CCleaner

Defraggler Free by CCleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Hard Drive Optimization. Hard drives are an integral part of every computer system. Over time, the data stored in them get scattered, causing a decrease in performance and speed. This is where this software comes into play. Defraggler is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps optimize your hard drive's performance by...