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Get the Latest Version of eMule Plus - A Reliable Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Application

eMule Plus is a brand new technology eMule appropriate consumer-created to enhance the unique GUI and to convey to you one of the best experts ever.

This file-sharing consumer relies on the eDonkey2000 community. eMule Plus is an evolution of the unique eMule challenge, created to enhance its skills and options, in each work effectiveness and consumer interface.

By providing its code for free distribution and modification, eMule invitations individuals to collaborate as much as potential to enhance this wonderful program.

eMule is a well-liked, open-source P2P file-sharing software, related and appropriate to eDonkey, which lets you download giant files very simply.

Besides the official free eMule download, an alternate eMule Plus consumer and different purposes referred to as “mods” are additionally free and broadly used.

eMule shoppers hook up with the Overnet / eDonkey2K community. eMule free downloads are sometimes very simple to put in, have a consumer interface translated to many languages worldwide, and use and provide a wide variety of files to download.

Don’t be afraid of your configuration or files when you are downloading. When you put in eMule Plus you’ll lose completely nothing, not even downloading statistics.

Changes in eMule Plus 1.2e:

  • FEATURE: identification thief countermeasures
  • FEATURE: IP filter optimization: quicker loading whereas consuming fewer sources
  • FEATURE: multipacket encoding support
  • FEATURE: search by file, hash, nation, and consumer software in supply lists on the switch web page
  • FEATURE: message field with CLI assist
  • FEATURE: use the filename because the 2nd standard for shared files sorting by Priority and Folder
  • FEATURE: use file extension because the 2nd standard whereas sorting by file sort
  • FEATURE: IRC: added utf8 message encoding possibility
  • FEATURE: IRC: strip consumer message colors
  • FEATURE: IRC: save the state of the consumer checklist
  • FEATURE: IRC: enabled search within the lists
  • FEATURE: Italian stand-alone FAQ version (translated by KerneL) in PDF format
  • CHANGE: barely simplified supply code distribution for simpler compilation
  • CHANGE: extra detailed debug details about obtained dangerous packets
  • CHANGE: elevated max file remark size to 128 characters (from authentic)
  • CHANGE: eliminated particular downloading enhancement towards outdated MLdonkey shoppers
  • CHANGE: more correct download bandwidth calculation for compressed packets
  • CHANGE: classify .m4a, .m4b, .m4p, .m4r file extensions as audio sort; .m4v as video
  • CHANGE: get preview chunk possibility for .mp4 files
  • CHANGE: optimized hyperlink identification and output to RichEdit controls (logs, chats, IRC)
  • CHANGE: simplified logging system implementation
  • CHANGE: prolonged <Ctrl-+> processing to auto-resize checklist columns on the switch window
  • CHANGE: do not auto-connect earlier than loading ipfilter.dat
  • CHANGE: save A4AF sources for the Save/Load Sources feature
  • CHANGE: new version verify hyperlink (updates.emuleplus.data) for higher flexibility
  • CHANGE: The web website and discussion board were replaced and migrated to higher internet hosting
  • CHANGE: up-to-date nation flag database
  • CHANGE: command-line instructions do not begin eMule Plus if it is not operating
  • CHANGE: reworked notification window placement to beat Wine difficulty
  • CHANGE: revised software up-to-date directions in readme.txt
  • CHANGE: higher Italian translation for “Clear” from the download checklist
  • CHANGE: dropped conversion of outdated JumpStart database format (used earlier than v1.2a)
  • CHANGE: IRC: simplified log message formatting
  • CHANGE: IRC: reorganized consumer checklist
  • CHANGE: WebServer: improved download progress bar illustration for big files
  • BUGFIX: potential corruption of already obtained and verified knowledge
  • BUGFIX: do not apply GUI “Prompt on exit” for the “exit” CLI command
  • BUGFIX: error message relating to saving to staticservers.dat
  • BUGFIX: corruption of server.met files when the disk is full
  • BUGFIX: error message issued whereas saving half.met file
  • BUGFIX: garbled textual content on HTTP download standing window for IE7 (from authentic)
  • BUGFIX: A4AF sources hooked up to finish the file
  • BUGFIX: A4AF supply depends on a show for paused files
  • BUGFIX: hyperlink highlighting in logs and chats (Unicode migration difficulty)
  • BUGFIX: hyperlink highlighting for lengthy IRC hyperlinks
  • BUGFIX: logging vulnerability which may trigger limitless loop with 100% CPU utilization
  • BUGFIX: auto-resize for the primary column of the shared files and search lists
  • BUGFIX: checklist drawing inflicting column to resize and tooltip issues
  • BUGFIX: replace of preferences class checklist on /
  • BUGFIX: incorrect destructor for some allotted buffers
  • BUGFIX: initialization of the common download time statistics
  • BUGFIX: restore CLI which could not restore the minimized window (from the system taskbar)
  • BUGFIX: uninitialized session add precedence statistics
  • BUGFIX: Crash attributable to invalid pointers casting
  • BUGFIX: lack of the IP filter when rubbish is downloaded from the server
  • BUGFIX: reminiscence leak attributable to failed gzipped HTTP download (from authentic)
  • BUGFIX: incorrect clipping and ellipsis within the label column of the information view pane
  • BUGFIX: icon alignment within the preferences web page choice management
  • BUGFIX: potential reminiscence corruption whereas displaying notification window
  • BUGFIX: textual content going past the notification window
  • BUGFIX: occasional incorrect line break for lengthy phrases within the notification window
  • BUGFIX: static server precedence change
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: “Don’t scroll toolbar” feature for Firefox 3
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: including a server with excessive precedence
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: final log message report for Servers and Shared Files
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: inserting several ed2k-links

Size: 2.56 MB

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