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Adobe Reader Touch DOWNLOAD for Windows 8 and Windows RT touch devices

Adobe Reader Touch is designed for Windows 8 and Windows RT touch devices. It allows reliably viewing and interaction with PDF documents throughout platforms and devices. It is free, minimalistic, and lightweight, with few options. Therefore it offers you experience working with PDF documents on your Windows 8 Tablet.

Adobe Reader Touch allows you to browse, view, share, navigate and read PDF files (Portable Document Format) from email as attachments, on the web, or wherever on your device. It additionally allows you to open password-protected PDF documents and annotations. Moreover, it allows you to search for vital information on the text and share PDFs with another app.

You can choose a single page or use scroll mode to navigate the document, to zoom in on the image or text. Desktop users with a keyboard and mouse could favor installing and using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Reader Touch Features

  • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or wherever on your device
  • Easily find your most lately read documents
  • View password-protected PDFs, annotations, and drawing markups
  • View and Add Notes to your document
  • Highlight, Strikeout, and Underline text
  • Search text to find particular information
  • Select single page or continuous scroll modes
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a more in-depth view
  • Go to any page shortly by tapping on the Page Number indicator
  • Use bookmarks to jump on to a section in your PDF document
  • Quickly navigate by way of giant documents using the Semantic Zoom thumbnail view
  • Tap on links in a PDF to open linked web pages
  • Share PDFs with other applications using “Share”
  • Email PDFs as attachments
  • Print your PDFs from within Reader
  • Fill and Save PDF forms

Languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French. German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese. Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

DOWNLOAD Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8.1

DOWNLOAD Adobe Reader for Android

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